Youngsters new to Indian side should be allowed time to reach fitness benchmarks : Gambhir

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Gautam Gambhir was very clear in his views that when a youngster is starting to play for India , he needs to be allowed time to reach new fitness benchmarks . Gambhir was asked on Virat Kohli’s stress on attaining fitness benchmarks  while playing in Indian colours .

Gambhir explained that players like Kohli took many years to attain their current fitness levels and hence any player making their debut for India or on the verge of playing for India needs to be given time to attain his fitness levels as he has not  faced such fitness regulations in the past .

Though  Gambhir was in agreement with Kohli’s vision that fitness levels are of prime importance , he opined that what needs to be observed is that whether the concerned player has been showing  the right attitude towards attaining high fitness levels .

 Gambhir feels that not selecting a player in this fitness ground can have a negative effect on that player .  Gambhir explained that what is important is to observe whether the new player has got the right approach towards putting in hard work to improve his physical ability and all round skills.

It may be recalled that players like Varun Chakravarthy and Rahul Tewatia has faced issues with attaining top fitness levels as per current set benchmarks  and Kohli in his press conference before the T20 series  has made it clear that current fitness benchmarks is a non negotiable item. 

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