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“You have to be open to saying no” says Jos Buttler

India vs England 5 Test match series is on the roll and fans cannot get enough of their favorite players. Whenever we have such important tournaments, it becomes very important to have the key players in the team otherwise the game feels incomplete, and sometimes the teams have to pay for a certain player’s absence. This is what is happening with England. 

Jos Buttler is one of the most important players in team England and his absence sure would not go well for the team but he is about to miss the fourth match of the series as well as the Ashes later this year. England’s vice-captain Jos Buttler’s wife is pregnant with their second child which of course is an important event in the player’s life. Due to the birth of his second child, Buttler might miss the final Test against India. 

“You have to be open to saying no” says Jos Buttler

Buttler may miss the matches planned for the summer as well as the Ashes during winter. The rumor about Buttler not being available for the fourth Test solidified when Joe Root admitted that he had no idea whether Jos would play the next match at The Oval or not. Joe Root said that Jos’ position in the next match would be cleared in a couple of days. He said that he did not want to say anything that might not turn out to be true eventually. So he asked the fans to be patient and wait for the final news.

Buttler had admitted last week that he might have to miss the last Test against India at Old Trafford next month as his wife, Louise is about to give birth to their second child. The baby is due on the same day that match starts.

Considering that the fourth and the final match are back to back. Jos might be spending the entire summer with his newborn. Buttler’s absence from this Test may also indicate the end of his Test career as he indicated that he might not be a part of The Ashes series during winters this year. His decision would depend on whether families would be able to travel with players or not.


He said that he had already sacrificed a lot for cricket. Not only the player but he said that “my wife and family have sacrificed a lot”. Buttler said, “You have to be open to saying no.”. It’s quite a fierce move, we have to say.

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