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World Test Championships 2021-23 cycle series schedule

Recently the ICC has announced the World test Championships 2021-23 cycle schedule and rivalries. The first cycle of 2021-23 has ended after a lot of struggles due to the covid pandemic which had led to rescheduling and cancelling many series and finally, ICC reverted to the percentage points system ( percentage of the number of points won to the total number of points played ) to decide of the ultimate finalists and New Zealand finally beat India to win the inaugural WTC final. World Test Championships 2021-23 cycle series schedule.

Still keeping in consideration the covid pandemic, which though on gradual wane is still very much alive and not eradicated from the world, the ICC will adopt the percentage points system right from the start in the current WTC cycle. In addition to that, the ICC have mentioned that all the matches will carry the same points per win which is a change from the last cycle where each series carried a maximum of 120 points.

World Test Championships 2021-23 cycle series schedule
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As per the schedule of home and away matches per team above, India will start their WTC 2021-23 campaign with their overseas series vs England starting in August 2021. Like all other teams, India will be playing 3 series at home and 3 overseas during this cycle. Amongst the home series, India will be hosting WTC champions New Zealand and formidable Australia. During this phase and will tour South Africa amongst the top teams apart from the coming England series.

WTC champions New Zealand will play strong times like India and England in overseas in this cycle. Significantly they won’t be facing Australia in this cycle.

Australia will have to play India at overseas along with Pakistan and Srilanka. Hence they won’t be hosting any subcontinent team in this cycle. They will have the advantage of playing England and South Africa at home.

England’s toughest assignment in this cycle will be their Ashes series in Australia. They will be hosting India at home along with New Zealand and South Africa.

South Africa will play tough away series vs England. New Zealand and Australia in this cycle while they will host India.

Pakistan will have a relatively easy schedule playing the top 3 teams Australia. New Zealand and England at home and they don’t play against India.

The full schedule of home & away series, in a nutshell, is in the below slide

World Test Championships 2021-23 cycle series schedule
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