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Watch video :  Tamim Iqbal angry with umpires after given out in local match 

Bangladeshi players lose their temper very quickly on the cricket field.  The latest example of this has now been given by Tamim Iqbal.  In fact, during a Bangladesh Cricket League (BCL) match, Tamim Iqbal got angry at the umpire and started arguing on the middle ground.  Actually, the umpire had given him out, due to which this Bangladeshi batsman became very unhappy and started gesticulating and arguing with the umpire .  This video is becoming very viral on social media.

 Actually, it was seen during the match between East Zone (Islami Bank) and North Zone in Bangladesh Cricket League 2022, when the umpire declared Tamim caught out.  It happened that during the innings of East Zone (Islami Bank), North Zone bowler Ripon Mandal’s ball came out after hitting the pitch, which Iqbal failed to play.  The ball went to the wicketkeeper.  In such a situation, the bowler and the wicketkeeper appealed for out, on which the umpire immediately declared out.  After which Tamim Iqbal got visibly astonished  and before going to the pavilion, he started venting his anger on the umpire.

image credits screengrab

 Not only this, the third umpire tried to convince Tamim, but still Iqbal was not cooling down .  Even after a lot of debate, Tamim finally had to accept the umpire’s decision and had to return to the pavilion .  Tamim got out after scoring only 7 runs.

Watch the video below 

video credit cricket master

 Talking about this match played on November 22, North Zone scored 216 runs for 8 wickets in 50 overs, in response to which Tamim Iqbal’s team East Zone got out by scoring 155 runs in 44.3 overs and North Zone team  was successful in winning the match by 61 runs.

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