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Watch funny video : A youth driving a scooter invades cricket pitch in the middle of an ongoing match

A strange incident  happened during an England club cricket match in England.  In fact, in a live match of club cricket, a boy reached the field with his scooter.  This guy starts running his scooter on the pitch.  The game was stopped for a while after this move.  He runs the cool scooter on the middle pitch close to the batsman.  The video of this incident is going viral on social media.  Earlier such an incident was also seen once on the cricket field in India.  Fans are shocked to see this video.

 Commentators on the boy’s movements in the live match were also seen screaming in the video.  The video went viral on social media on Monday but the incident happened on April 30.  This video has been tweeted by the Barmy Army, the official fan club of the England cricket team.  Funny comments are also coming from a lot of people.  The video is also very popular.  Fan club Burmese Army tweeted, “Today’s youth.”

 This has also happened in a match of Ranji Trophy, a domestic cricket tournament in India.  In the match between Uttar Pradesh and Delhi, a man reached the ground with his car.  There were many questions on security after this incident. Reputed players like Gautam Gambhir and Ishant Sharma were playing in this match.

image credits twitter

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