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Virat’s battle for the cup and Williamson’s quest for consistency

As India gets ready to face New Zealand in the World Test Championship maiden title, Virat Kohli carries the hopes of a billion cricket fans. On the other hand, Kane Williamson is being romanticized by cricket experts as they pin their expectations on the player and the team. The inaugural WTC final is about to take place in Southampton, England and no cricket fan in the world can keep calm.

Test cricket has always been the true test of cricket prowess for many fans and experts. Despite the introduction of new formats, this format has stood strong. But no one can deny that this 144-year- old format needed a facelift and this what WTC is going to do. Raging pandemic and other smaller obstacles could not thwart the enthusiasm and joy that this match has brought. Virat’s battle for the cup and Williamson’s quest for consistency, WTC Final is going to be a treat to watch.

Winning a match is important for both teams but a maiden title has its importance. WTC’s inaugural title will surely be remembered in the history of cricket and so will be the winner. This fact makes it all the more important that the teams give their 200% to the game. 

Each team member puts his heart, soul, sweat, and blood to win a match but when it comes to the captain, he has more than one reason to bring the cup home. Virat Kohli is one such captain. He has gone trophy-less for a long time now and would want to put an end to this trophy drought. There is no question about his cricket charisma or his ability as a captain. He has been a champion performer and a fine leader but what he needs is a global triumph. This WTC title would bring him the glory that is so often associated with Dhoni. People remember with a sentimental fondness and this is what we want for Virat too.

Virat’s battle for the cup and Williamson’s quest for consistency

When we look at the other side, we can not help but marvel at the fact that Kane Williamson has got a bunch of fine cricketers. New Zealand sports Williamson and his cover drives, Devon Conway and his ability to tease India’s finest cricketers, Trent Boult, and his banana inswinger. How can one resist the temptation to stand up and applause when these splendid players appear on the ground. These cricketers have grown on the fans and have broken the barriers of nations and fandoms. New Zealand carries the sore spot of losing at the Lord’s in the World Cup final so, fans would not be devastated to see them win the WTC final. It’s going to be a hard choice for cricket fans. 

This final match is important for many other reasons as well. For many cricketers, this is going to be the World Cup of their life as they might not get any other chance at a global trophy. They would want to hold it in their hands. 

Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane is going to give even their last ounce of energy. Ravichandran Ashwin might not get a chance to play a white-ball World Cup again. He would not want to miss out on the opportunity of making his mark on this one. It’s been 14 years since Ishant Sharma’s epic WACA spell to Ricky Ponting. He surely deserves a chance to win this World Championship.

Playing New Zealand is not going to be easy for India, especially in the conditions that aid seam and swing. We have recently witnessed it with England where they had to lose against New Zealand and we would not want the same defeat for India.

The openers Rohit Sharma and Shubhman Gill are going to feel tremendous pressure because there is nothing like this final. Boult and Southee are one of the best bowling pairs in cricket at the time and facing them on the pitch. Which favors the bowlers, is going to be an altogether different ball game for these batsmen.

Rohit has had a lot of success recently but all those matches were play in the homeland. His real test begins with this final and it would be follow by the Test series against England.


New Zealand has one more bowling weapon, Kyle Jamieson. He has not played till now but the captain knows how lethal he can be for the opponents. Then there is Wagner who can entice the batsmen to go for the hook. Pull shots or take it on the body. It would be interesting to watch Wagner against Rishabh Pant.

New Zealand has a lot to boast of but India also has Jasprit Bumarh who is going to pose awkward challenges for Kiwis. With his awkward angles. Mohammed Shami’s late swing and Ashwin’s and Jadeja’s turn and bounce, all are awaiting the opponents. This match will be the one to make its place in history.   

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