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Virat Kohli’s old interview with VJ Anushka revisited

It is always great fun when we go down the memory lane of past incidents of the current big stars in cricket. Virat Kohli since his days as a promising teenager has achieved all that he could and has become one of the greats of the game with a young family at home.

Out of the many interviews he gave since his under 19 days, one that has done a lot of rounds in the past and is very popular is the interview he had with Anuskha.

No, not with Anushka Sharma, because they were still far away from seeing each other, but with Anushka Dandekar who was a VJ.

Virat Kohli’s old interview with VJ Anushka revisited. Anushka asked a segment of “yorkers” which included several quick questions to Kohli, which he answered with a lot of smartness and honesty, which has been his traits ever since.

The excerpts :

Anushka: Quickest meal you ever had
Kohli: A pastry

Anushka: Quickest shower you ever had.
Kohli: one and a half minutes

Anushka: Quickest date you ever had.
Kohli: only 5 minutes, I ran away as the girl was ugly.

Anushka: If I was the blind date would you stay?
Kohli: Yes for sure !!

Anushka: Quickest fight you ever had.
Kohli: I don’t fight

Anushka: Quickest 50 you ever made.
Kohli: 30 balls

Anushka: Which Bollywood actress you want to see playing cricket?
Kohli: Genelia D’ Souza

Anushka: What do you like about her?
Kohli: She is cute, that’s it.

Anushka: Any locker room secrets?
Kohli: After the game, do weird things but cannot say on TV.

Virat Kohli's old interview with VJ Anushka revisited
Image credits news track english

The answers on his 5 minutes short blind date and Genelia D Souza made this interview very famous.

It is worth mentioning that a young Virat Kohli has worked with Genelia D Souza subsequently in a few fasttrack products advertisements.

Surely Virat Kohli will have a big laugh now if he watches this quickfire interview again. However it was definitely an exciting little interview which he had long before becoming a famous cricketer

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