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Top 5 New Zealand run-getters against India in Tests

As the days of the WTC final draws nearer both New Zealand and India will shortly start their preparations for the same. India has just reached London and under a 3-day hard quarantine in Southampton, while New Zealand is locking horns with England in a 2 match test series.

Top 5 New Zealand run-getters against India in Tests. We take this opportunity to find out the top five run-scorers from New Zealand against India in test cricket history.

Brendon Mccullum

The former New Zealand captain has got an outstanding record against India. In just 10 tests, McCullum scored a staggering amount of 1224 test runs at a high 68 average and has notched up 4 test hundreds. The 4 hundreds also include an outstanding triple hundred in which he scored at the rate of knots. 306 was eventually his highest test score hit in the 2014 series in New Zealand. McCullum was a scourge of the Indian bowling attack during his prime.

Top 5 New Zealand run-getters against India in Tests
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Graham Dowling

Dowling played during the 1960s and was regarded as one of New Zealand’s best batters in their history. He had an excellent record against India between 1965 to 1969 scoring 964 runs in 11 tests at 48 average with 3 hundreds. His highest score against India was 239.

Bert Sutcliffe

Sutcliffe was regarded as New Zealand’s finest batsman during the 1950-60s era with an immaculate test record and his record against India was equally awesome. 885 runs in only 9 tests at 68 average and 3 centuries and a top score of 230. As an opener, he was technically sound and very difficult to dismiss.

Ross Taylor

Current legend Ross Taylor has played 14 tests against India aggregating 812 runs with 3 hundreds and a top score of 151 with 33 average. Judging by his overall test record, his returns against India has been average till date. He is the only player amongst the top 5 to be playing in the WTC final.


John Wright

The former Kiwi opener was a lefthander and also a former India coach during a successful period of Indian cricket. John Wright had an excellent record against India amassing 804 runs in just 9 tests with 61 average and 3 centuries. He had a top score of 185 scored in the 1990 series in New Zealand.

Surprisingly, current superstar, Kane Williamson does not yet feature in the top 5. He has 728 runs in 11 tests at 36 average which is much below his high standards. A big score in the WTC final can change that.

The same applies for late Martin Crowe regarded as New Zealand’s all-time great batsman. He managed only 211 runs in 6 tests against India with a 35 average and one century which is way below his performance standard in test cricket.

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