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Top 10 controversies in Virat Kohli’s career 

Virat Kohli has secured his spot amongst the Indian greats in all formats of the game. Closing in on 23000 international runs and having already piled on 70 international 100s, Kohli is already a high achiever.  However, his career is not without its share of controversies especially the manner with which he wears his heart on his sleeves. He has experienced major confrontations with leading international cricketers on the field and also with the fans off it. His confrontational nature has always not gone down too well even amongst the Indian fans 
Below are some of the major Top 10 controversies in Virat Kohli’s career incidents which made Kohli a confrontational figure.

Kohli -Paine hit off in 2018.

In the 2018 Australia v India series, the Indians were dominating the Australian batsmen and Kohli was at his chirping best. Tim Paine already had enough of Kohli’s sledging and wanted to stand for his team. Paine said that Kohli was giving lots of send-offs to his batters & it was time that he stood up. Kohli said to Paine in the 2nd test while the latter came out to bat, that if he does not measure up, Australia might be trailing 2-0.  

The Perth test was won by Australia but India managed to win at MCG and a draw at SCG won them the series 2-1.

Kohli vs Johnson 2014 

Virat Kohli after a horror series in England in 2014  batted brilliantly in Australia to score 692 runs in the series. His contests with Mitchel Johnson was the highlight of the 2014 series. They had their best contest at MCG. While in the 80s. Johnson tried to run Kohli out and threw the ball at him. However, the ball hit Kohli & Johnson immediately apologised. However, Kohli was not amused and confronted Johnson. After one ball went past the gully for 4 both the players were seen arguing with each other. Kohli lost his cool and edged Johnson to Watson at slip but was dropped. Another pull shot of Johnson went up but Haddin dropped a tough skier. Finally, Kohli settled down to play some brilliant pull shots off Johnson. After scoring a brilliant 169 he was dismissed by Johnson. The test was drawn but Australia won the series 2-0 

Kohli asking fan to leave the country 

An India fan couple of years back tweeted that Kohli is an overrated batsman. Therefore he likes watching Australian and England batters more. Kohli did not take these comments kindly and questioned the priority of the fan and asked him to leave India or to set his priorities right. These comments from Kohli was not taken kindly by many fans. They questioned Kohli’s decision to marry Anushka Sharma in an overseas country and his liking of Angelique Kerber the German tennis player.

Kohli vs Anderson confrontation 

This incident happened recently when Kohli was heard saying to Anderson on the stumps mike at Lords that this is not your f***king backyard. …chirp chirp chirp..this is what your old age makes you do. 

Stuart Broad was not amused at Kohli’s use of the language and indicated that he might fall in trouble for using foul language. He also said that the honours board at Lords prove that it is close to Anderson’s backyard.
Anderson took his revenge at the Leeds test getting Kohli out again in the first innings. 

Gavaskar commenting on Kohli’s practice during lockdown

Sunil Gavaskar made some casual comments about Kohli practising with Anushka during lockdown when Kohli got out cheaply in an IPL game in 2020. This comment was not taken kindly by Anushka who said:  “It’s 2020 and things still don’t change for me. When will I stop getting dragged into cricket and stop being used to pass sweeping statements?”   Kohli however did not react to this.

Kohli – Kumble fall out 

This was another saga of captain-coach fallout in Indian cricket after Ganguly – Chappell episode. During 2017  Kohli was not comfortable with the coaching style of Kumble and even reportedly emailed the BCCI to remove him and bring back Shastri.  Later Kumble himself resigned stating the relationship between him and Kohli had made his job untenable.

Top 10 controversies in Virat Kohli's career 
Image credits t2 online, featured image credits foxsports

Kohli v  Smith ” brain-fade” 

Kohli had a big confrontation with his number one competitor in world cricket, Steve Smith. In the Bangalore test in 2017, Smith was given out lbw to Umesh Yadav and the Australian captain was looking at his dugout. To get some indications whether he should go for DRS. Soon the umpires intervened and asked Smith to leave. Kohli was rightly furious in the post-match press conference saying that he had earlier also complained to the umpires that the Aussies were trying to use unfair means. To get indications from their dugout for deciding on taking reviews. 

Lashing out at a journalist

In the 2015 World cup Virat Kohli lashed out at a journalist. Who he thought has written an article about him and his girlfriend Anushka Sharma. Later it transpired that the article was not written by that individual. Kohli later apologised to him.


Kohli showing middle finger at SCG crowd 

On his first Australian tour Kohli has alleged that he was subjected to dirty remarks from the SCG crowd on his mother and sister and reacted by showing the middle finger to the crowd. He was later fined by ICC and docked points.  Kohli later said that it was the worst thing he had heard from the crowd 

Kohli v Gambhir spat in IPL 

Virat Kohli the RCB captain nearly had an ugly showdown with Gautam Gambhir the KKR captain in an IPL game in 2013. It happened that Balaji got Kohli out caught at cover. As Kohli was leaving Gambhir said something to him which Kohli did not like and he turned back and walked towards the KKR captain. The other players quickly separated both of them else we would have had an ugly incident on the field between the two volatile captains.

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