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 Top 10 bowlers across all formats

Cricket in the current generation has become a multi-format sport with Test, ODIs and T20Is going side by side, which demands versatility from cricketers if anyone wants to excel in all 3 formats.  With T10 & the hundred introduced at the franchisee level, we never know when these formats might have international teams. However, currently, we have 3 internationally approved formats. 

All 3 formats demands specialist skills apart from the general skills for both batters & bowlers.

For the bowlers, the channel outside off stump works great on test cricket but is non-redundant in T20 & to some extent in ODIs as well in slog overs. Similarly, defensive bowling which works better in limited overs cricket might not help to get 20 wickets in tests.

Below we list down the best Top 10 bowlers across all formats who have excelled in all the 3 formats 

Shakib Al Hassan 

A very skilled allrounder and excellent left-arm spinner for Bangladesh who has excelled in all 3 formats. He has won occasional test matches against top teams with his bowling and is superb in both ODIs and T20Is by teasing the batters and checking the run flow along with getting the breakthroughs. In 357 internationals Shakib has picked 594 wickets and taken a massive 22 five-wicket hauls. A real matchwinner.

Md Shami 

He has developed into a class bowler in test cricket with his pace, conventional swing and reverse swing and used his basic skills to pick up wickets in ODIs & T20Is. A little expensive at times in T20Is but a big wicket-taker with 348 wickets in 143 internationals and 6 five-wicket hauls. 

Top 10 bowlers across all formats

Shaheen Afridi

Pakistan’s next bowling superstar and already a top-class bowler in international cricket with 143 wickets in 75 games and 4 fifers. He has all the skills …pace, swing, bounce, yorkers.  Always a  wicket-taker he bowls the difficult last overs in white-ball cricket and is already Pakistan’s test spearhead.

Josh Hazlewood

The ideal test match bowler but has improved over the years in ODIs and T20Is. Being more of a length bowler than a yorker hitter, he is more lethal in powerplays than slog overs where he tends to go for runs. In powerplays he more often than not gets breakthroughs. And in tests, his line and lengths are immaculate enough to cause distress amongst batsmen. 326 wickets in 118 games & 13 fifers.

Top 10 bowlers across all formats
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Rashid Khan

Rashid has been predominantly playing white-ball cricket more since Afghanistan which is new to test cricket, does not get enough test matches to play. Still, in his brief test career, Rashid has won matches with his bowling. And we all know his deadly skills in white-ball cricket. His pace of release, the leggies, googlies and straight ones are unplayable at times which top players like Kohli & de Villers found out in IPL.  Rashid has 10 fifers in 130 internationals and has got 269 wickets.

Trent Boult

Much in the Shaheen Afridi mould but more lethal due to his experience. Boult is deadly in swinging conditions in test cricket & ODIs and bowls with brisk pace with immaculate lines in T20Is which good supplies of yorkers at the death. Awesome record of 507 wickets in 200 internationals for New Zealand & 13 five-wicket hauls. He is equally lethal in all formats. 

Top 10 bowlers across all formats

Mitchel Starc

 His test match returns have gone down lately but still very lethal across formats. Bowls very quick with steep bounce and one of the best yorkers in the business of all times. He can blow away the lower order in test cricket very quickly with his deadly yorkers which is used brilliantly in slog overs of both ODIs and T20Is . Has become more of a rhythm bowler and hence can go for runs when not in his best rhythm. However, a big wicket-taking bowler with 501 wickets in 201 internationals and 21 five-wicket hauls which is massive . 

Kagiso Rabada 

Rabada with his pace and venom is a star across formats for South Africa. Pace and accuracy combined with hostility is his forte. A class performer in tests and ODIs and very much improved in T20Is. Has a brutal yorker which he uses effectively in the slog overs. 424 wickets in 158 tests and 11 five-wicket hauls is a great record.

Pat Cummins

312 wickets in 133 internationals & 6 five-wicket hauls .  Cummins since his comeback from long injury issues has become the best fast bowler in Test format with his test match lengths. Pace, bounce , accuracy and an enormous amount of stamina are his forte .However he is still lethal in the limited over varieties and often comes up with match-winning shows. What he lacks is a lethal yorker like Bumrah, else he would have been unplayable. Cummins is better off bowling in the middle overs rather than slog overs and is more than handy with his batting.


Jasprit Bumrah 

Regarded as the best across formats. In a 3 year period since his debut, is India’s prime fast bowler across formats. An unconventional action. almost walking to the wicket and all the energy put in the final stride, Bumrah is very difficult to pick. Bowls immaculate lines in tests tends to bring the ball in at pace. His lethal Yorkers have won many games for India across formats and is very crucial in the slog overs of ODIs and T20Is. Very difficult to hit .  259 wickets in 117 games and 6 fifers probably does not give a true reflection of the impact he creates.

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