The victory of the underdogs and Pakistan pulling out of the tournament- IPL 2009

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We covered the story of the beginning of the Indian Premier League in our previous article and now we take the story forward with the IPL 2009, commonly known as IPL season 2. The 2nd season of the IPL was played between April 18, 2009, and May 24, 2009, which means that the tournament clashed with the Indian general elections, it became difficult for the Board of Control for Cricket in India to organize the event in India. It was also the time when the Sri Lanka cricket team was attacked in Lahore, Pakistan by 12 gunmen. Cricketers around the world were worried for their safety and the Indian government refused to shell out security for cricketers at such a crucial time of elections.

This turn of events caused a big change in the schedule of the IPL 2009. The event which was supposed to be held in India was taken abroad. South Africa hosted the tournament but the format of the game remained unchanged. 

IPL – A lucrative business

IPL season 2 made records and headlines for several reasons but the most important of them proved to be the lucrative result of the event. It was the biggest cricket tournament in the history of cricket, after the World Cup. According to the forecast, more than 200 million people in India alone were going to witness the IPL season 2 from across their televisions. 

As the 2nd season was held in South Africa, the local economy of the country was also hugely benefitted by the event. According to reports approximately US$ 100 million was injected into the South African economy due to IPL. 

This IPL did not only earn massive profits for the board and the host country but also globalized cricket. 

An unusual win

Deccan Chargers emerged as the winner in the tournament and etched their name in the history of the IPL as till now Deccan Chargers remains the only team which had ended up on the 4th spot on the points table yet managed to win the title. Surprisingly, the top two teams were nowhere in the final. Looking at the position of Deccan Chargers, they shouldn’t have qualified to play the final but it was a miracle that they did not only play but won. This has happened only one more time in 2012 IPL where a team ending in 4th position could reach the final.

Let’s have a look at the points table to understand the standing of the other teams in the tournament.

1.Delhi Daredevils141040200.311
2.Chennai Super Kings14851170.951
3.Royal Challengers Bangalore1486016-0.191
4.Deccan Chargers14770140.203
5.Kings XI Punjab1477014-0.483
6.Rajasthan Royals1467113-0.352
7.Mumbai Indians14581110.297
8.Kolkata Knight Riders1431017-0.789

Stars of the tournament


IPL is famous for bringing new talents and stars into the limelight and the second season also highlighted the greatest of cricketers. Adam Gilchrist became the Player of the Tournament and the Player of the Grand Final was Anil Kumble from the runner-up team, Royal Challengers Bangalore. Rohit Sharma who is considered to be a vital part of IPL now emerged as the U-23 star in 2009 IPL. He was awarded the U-23 success of the tournament award for hitting 333 runs and taking 11 wickets.

The highest score of the tournament went to Manish Pandey for his 114 unbeaten runs which the player had hit for Royal Challengers Bangalore. Kingfisher Fair Play Award went to Kings XI Punjab. 

Pakistan banned cricketers from participating in the IPL

We told you in the previous article that Pakistan did not allow its cricketers to be a part of the IPL in 2009 and we know you are here to quench your curiosity. India remembers the threatening days of the Mumbai terror attacks in 2008 which caused a huge rift between the two countries, India and Pakistan. The relations were already not cordial but the impact of the Mumbai attacks was so vast that politics and sports could not stay separated. 

India canceled its tour to Pakistan after the Mumbai attacks and Pakistan pulled out its cricketers from the Indian Premier League. Players like Sohail Tanvir, Shoaib Akhtar, Shahid Afridi were the stars of the inaugural season and the franchises had to bear the brunt of the political dispute, particularly Rajasthan Royals.

Pakistan’s government was afraid for the safety of the players.

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