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The top 5 laziest cricketers in current times

Cricket over the decades has become a faster sport with the advent of limited-overs format. Fielding and running between wickets became very important to save and score extra runs and with it, the fitness subject on cricket became very important with every team carrying well-qualified fitness trainers and doctors.

However we do still come across cricketers who move leisurely on the field and leaks runs although they are superb in their own trade, batting or bowling.

Lets us look at The top 5 laziest cricketers in current times.

5. Ravi Ashwin

A champion off-spinner and a very capable batsman, Ashwin is a legend in world cricket. However his physical limitations and being heavy-footed while fielding or batting has been an issue. Opposition batters look for extra runs when the ball travels to Ashwin and when Ashwin himself bats, his partner need to be mindful of judging sharp singles as Ashwin is a slow runner. Due to his fielding deficiency, Ashwin is not considered for the white-ball formats despite being the best spinner in India.

4. Soumya Sarkar

Soumya Sarkar is a very talented Bangladesh cricket and his batting is attractive to watch as he plays effortless shots as a lefthander. However, his field has continued to be an Achilles heel. However still only 28 there is still scope for improvement.

The top 5 laziest cricketers in current times
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3. Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine is a legendary bowler in T20 cricket and a very dangerous batsman in the powerplay. However, he is a very slow fielder and a poor runner between wickets, thriving on stand and deliver mode of play. He drops easy catches and is generally kept at third man or fine leg so that he does not need to run much.

2. Chris Gayle

The T20I universe boss continues to be high on demand exclusively for his batting prowess. Due to his mighty batting credentials, teams make an exception for his fielding inabilities. At 41 Gayle hardly moves on the ground and generally stay static around square leg or short fine leg. And he does not believe too much in running between wickets and play the stand and deliver mode of cricket. However, with his mighty impact, the team owners conveniently overlook his fielding aspect.

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1. Mohammed Shahzad

The Afghan keeper who is a mighty attacking batsman is a self-proclaimed foodie. His bulky frame and his slow movements can come in the way of his batting and keeping talent. Though he is working on it to extend his career, it remains to be seen how much he succeeds.

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