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The moment when Kohli controlled himself at the press conference after Leeds test 

India’s  Leeds test defeat was as humiliating as it gets after a great fightback on the 3rd day. After England took a massive 354 run lead. The Indian batsmen fought very hard in the 2nd innings with Rohit, Pujara and Kohli showing lots of resilience.  

However starting at 215/2 on the last day. India fell like a house of cards to lose 8 wickets for 63 runs to plunge into a massive defeat.

all mage credits crictracker

As expect there were some uncomfortable questions hurled at Virat Kohli at the post-match press conference. Virat acknowledged the failure of his batsmen and said that they could not deal with the pressure put by the impressive bowling England. However, Virat said that he still wants to follow the 5 bowlers format. Do not want to go for the extra batter even after India’s batting struggles saying that that the existing batters will have to take the responsibility. 

The moment when Kohli controlled himself at the press conference after Leeds test. Finally, a difficult question was hurl at Kohli by one of the journalists. Who directly asked the Indian captain about why the Indians were not playing more shots off the backfoot. To which Kohli said that if balls need to be play off the front foot why should it be played off the back foot. To this answer, the journalist said that ok the balls. Which are fuller or on the pads can be played on front foot. But when there is an opportunity to go back, India seems to be missing out on a lot of runs.  

Kohli listened to it and just said ok, thanks.  He simply controlled himself from answering that question.

It was evident from his answer that Kohli was not amuse.

That video carrying the backfoot question was circulate around the Twitter igniting various reactions.


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