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Sunil Gavaskar seeks 20 minutes from Virat Kolhi to help him negotiate his batting problems

India veteran Sunil Gavaskar has said that he is ready to help Virat Kohli recover from a bad spell.  He said that he might have an idea of ​​what problem Virat is facing in all formats of the game.  Gavaskar also said that with the tips given by him, he might be able to regain his lost form.

 Speaking to India Today after India’s 2-1 series win against England, Sunil Gavaskar said he only needed 20 minutes to talk to Virat Kohli about the issue, which was bothering him.  Talking about Virat Kohli’s recent struggles, Sunil Gavaskar said that the line outside the off-stump is bothering the player and the worry of returning to scoring form is making things worse for him.

 Virat Kohli returned to international cricket after a long time through the rescheduled Test against England.  However, Virat, who is considered a Test specialist, could score only 31 runs in two innings.  In the T20 series too, he was in the same condition and managed to score just 12 runs in the two matches.  Kohli was expected to play a big innings in the ODI series.  But the star batsman could only score 33 runs in two innings.  Kohli hasn’t scored a century in over two years now and the wait is getting longer.  Because Kohli is on a break for almost 1 month after the ODI series against England.

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 Sunil Gavaskar said, “If I had about 20 minutes with him, I would have told him what he might have to do.”  It might help him, I’m not saying it will help him, but it might especially with that off stump.”

 “Being an opener, that line has been troubled and there are things you try, if I get 20 minutes with him, I can tell him,” he said.

Virat Kohli’s  failures for the past 2.5 years specially in test cricket has raised concerns amongst his fans and Indian public . It is beyond just a bad patch now . Apart from one good T20I series vs England in 2021 at home , Kohli has struggled right through this period.  He has already dipped in the ICC rankings alarmingly and is currently at number 13th in Test cricket and 21st in T20I cricket . In ODIs , considered his best format , he is at 5th . Kohli’s front foot dominant play has started to raise lots of questions and Sanjay Manjrekar in recent times has spoken on the same . Kohli is getting restricted to short of good length balls and doesn’t play the cut or backfoot punch at all which is helping the bowlers to plan against him and drying up the runs for him easily . He also doesnt play the sweep vs spinners . In recent knocks he is generally starting well , playing a few sizzling front foot shots and then getting restricted and finally getting out when the bowlers are  shortening their lengths and not giving him driving balls .
Thus Kohli really needs to have a look at his batting technique and surely a small interaction with the little master can do wonders . 

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