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Former Indian cricket captain and legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar turned out to be a huge fan of T20 cricket. Gavaskar recently expressed his love for the short format of cricket and said that he loves the extravagant shots played by many batsmen in T20. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Sunil Gavaskar finds the T20 format interesting and he went through all the aspects of this game that makes it so intriguing for him.


The first player to score 10,000 runs in Test cricket feels that many batsmen leave him speechless by their batting prowess. Many players from Gavaskar’s generation still think that the best format of the game is Test cricket and Test is the true testament of a player’s caliber, but no Gavaskar.

Gavaskar said that he knew many people from his time were not happy with the T20 format but he had always loved it. He loves the fact that the game gets over in 3 hours and the audience does not have to stick around for days in a row waiting for the result. 

He is a fan of switch hit and reverse sweep. He told that whenever he watches someone play these shots he falls out of his chair because they are simply so good. He said, “…those are incredible shots, and it takes a lot of skill to be able to hit them for sixes”. Gavaskar surely prefers the faster time of batting instead of the times when players used to play sedately as this fits in the format of Test cricket. 

Gavaskar also talked about the evolvement of batting over the years and especially in T20. When Gavaskar was asked to name one player who he admires the most his response was not at all surprising. He instantly named AB de Villiers and not just that he likes him as a player he did not shy away from accepting that he wished to play like him.

He said that AB de Villiers is a great player and he plays 360 degrees. AB de Villiers plays everything as per Gavaskar. He makes it look like he is playing a net. As per Gavaskar, De Villiers makes batting look simple. “He hits a fair distance, and he is very elegant as well.”, said Gavaskar. He loves the follow-through of his bat right over the shoulder. It is never like a punch but a proper shot. 

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