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The famous TV show, Kaun Banega Crorepati conducted by Amitabh Bachchan has been very popular for more than 2 decades with so much suspense and excitement as participants get a chance to earn big on the show by answering general knowledge questions which also enhances the knowledge of people. 

In the latest edition, which was an effort to raise funds by bringing in two famous icons of Indian cricket, Sourav Ganguly and Virender Sehwag, the KBC program was exciting and enthralling. 

Both Sourav and Sehwag, who always had a great relationship amongst themselves during their playing days went at each other and had great banter which was enjoyed by millions of TV viewers and of course Big B too, who had the best seat in the house. 

The fun started when Sehwag accused Sourav of asking his team members to pack his kits while he went to attend the post-match press conferences to which Sourav vehemently said that this was not true. 

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Next Sourav had a go at Sehwag when he said that Viru never listened to him while batting.  Dada gave an instance of the Natwest trophy match in 2002 when he and Viru were opening. Dada already told Viru to be a little cautious initially and not to lose wicket but Viru smashed the first ball for 4 . After which in the mid-pitch Dada said to him that ok, you have got a boundary now just play this over cautiously. Viru agreed but again hit a 4 off the next ball. Another mid-pitch conference with the same instruction followed by another 4 . Then Dada said that he did not advise Viru anything. Two more 4 fours were hit and then the last ball was played defensively. Dada said that probably Viru finally had some mercy on him and felt for him.

In the program Sehwag acknowledged that out of all the captains he played for, Sourav was the best captain he played under and he showed the team how to win overseas.

Viru also said that Sourav depended on him a lot when they used to play together. He said, ” Museebat mein na, main hi kaam aata tha inke. Final mein run banane hon, tez run banane hon, koi opener na mila ho toh Virender se opening karalo, koi bowler na ho toh bowling karalo, kaam main hi aaya hu (It was always I who came to his rescue at the time of need. Whether to make runs at finals, make runs fast, for opening when they found no one, to bowl when they found no bowler. It was always me who helped him),” 

Big B asked Sehwag that why & how he used to sing during batting, to which Viru said that he wanted to keep himself relaxed and diverted himself from any tension of facing a good fast bowler. Viru further added that the Pakistani cricketers used to like hearing songs from him and Kamran Akmal used to tell him on the field to sing Kishore Kumar songs. Big B had a huge laugh on hearing this.

In the program, different photos were shown of Sourav during his playing days and Big B was impressed about his shirt waving incident in the Natwest final and said that this how one should celebrate such a big win. To which Sourav said that please don’t ask Virat Kohli to open his shirt as he might even  go right down to Oxford street waving his shirt. 

There were some more serious talks too on mental health and Sehwag said that in the early stages of his career, he had difficulty in speaking in English and used to feel mental stress while speaking in presentations or to press when questions on English was asked. He later worked on his English to improve the same.

Both Sehwag and Sourav won 25 lacs in the KBC question and answer show after an enthralling program and the funds will go to their respective foundations.

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