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Some of the cities which deserve IPL franchise

IPL is in its 14th year and since inception has maintained the 8 team event except for the year 2011 when Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers joined the bandwagon. Kochi was disbanded after 1 year due to certain irregularities while Pune Warriors played in 3 IPLs till 2013. As of now the cities of Mumbai, Chennai, Bangaluru, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Mohali & Kolkata have IPL teams. From 2022 there are talks of having 10 IPL teams and doubtlessly there will be many contenders

Looks us look at Some of the cities which deserve IPL franchise:

Ahmedabad :

Having hosted IPL matches in the past Ahmedabad definitely will be at the top of the list for an IPL franchise with their huge 1lac plus capacity newly renovated stadium at their disposal. During the suspension period of CSK and Rajasthan Royals, a new franchisee named Gujarat Lions was introduced for two years from 2016-17. With the world’s biggest stadium at their disposal, Ahmedabad looks the favourite to get an IPL franchisee.


The 30000 capacity Holkar Stadium at Indore has hosted many IPL games and cricket is very popular in the state of Madhya Pradesh which is area wise one of the top 4 largest Indian states. With a pitch suitable for batting it is a high scoring ground.


The Green Park stadium at Kanpur used to host major test matches regularly during the 1970s -80s and continues to get its share of international matches. Moreover, Uttar Pradesh is a major state in India and has produced quality cricketers for India in the past. Hence an IPL team for Kanpur will be appropriate.

Ranchi :

The city of Mahendra Singh Dhoni has hosted IPL games for KKR in particular in the recent past. Jharkhand is gradually becoming a hub for upcoming crocket talent. After Dhoni, we have seen the rise of Varun Aaron, Sourav Tiwari and Ishan Kishan. With the state doing so well in the game, Ranchi can be a frontrunner for an own IPL team.

Some of the cities which deserve IPL franchise
Cuttack stadium
All image credits sportskeeda


Cricket is very popular in Orissa. In the late 90s players such as Shib Sundar Das performed well for India. Cuttack’s Barabati Stadium has a sitting capacity of 45000 and has hosted many IPL games for KKR in particular. BCCI will do well to spread cricket in states which shows potential to unearth talented cricketers.

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The sports-loving crowd always filled up the stadium whenever India played. Cricket is largely untapped in the northeast but Guwahati can become the home of a franchise from North-East states.

Raipur :

The 65000 capacity stadium at Raipur has impressed cricket experts whenever they covered matches there. The legend series was held successfully there and the enthusiasm for the game is immense. There will be huge gate proceeds if IPL matches are regularly held there.

Some of the cities which deserve IPL franchise
All image credits sportskeeda


The most picturesque stadium in India is a great location for cricket matches in the backdrop of the gigantic Himalayas. Players will always enjoy playing in such surroundings. Punjab Kings have Dharmshala as their 2nd home. The time is now right for Himachal Pradesh to have an IPL team.

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