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Some new rules that can make T20 cricket more interesting 

It goes without saying that the T20 format is the future of cricket.  There are talks finally emerging to in include cricket in the Olympics and that is only possible due to T20 cricket.

However, to make T20 cricket a little more interesting as well as dynamic we can look and making some innovations in the rules  as under

The below 7 Some new rules that can make T20 cricket more interesting .

Increase in the number of overs per bowler.

Currently, a bowler in T20I cricket can bowl a maximum of 4 overs. This actually helps the batting side to wait for the weaker bowlers in the opposition and then cash in. Since T20 is already a highly batsmen dominated game, we need to introduce more opportunities for the bowlers by increasing the overs limit per bowler to 5. That way, the standard of the competition will go up and always the best bowlers will be seen in action which will pose more challenges for the batsmen.  Shane Warne has already spoken about an increase in the stipulated number of overs per bowler in limited-overs formats . 

Allowance of substitutions for injury 

As of now in all formats, like for like substitutes are allowed for concussions.   In t20 cricket , it should now also be allowed for any on-field injury which results in any player unable to take any further part in the match. Any big shoulder or hamstring injury or any injuries that make it impossible for the player to play. Neutral medical staff on the ground should judge the extent of those injuries and report to the match referee for a final decision. This rule can help both teams to stay on equal footing for the remainder of the game.

Substitution rule

Like in other sports, T20 cricket also should have a substitution rule whereby each team can be allowed one substitute after the completion of one  innings. Suppose a team needing a spinner for the remainder of the game, can bring in one replacing a batsman. Similarly, a team supposed to chase in the last innings can bring in a batsman by replacing a bowler.  In the BBL they have introduced a substitution rule last season by fielding an x-factor player after a certain stage. 

Some new rules that can make T20 cricket more interesting 
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The boundaries sizes need to be increased

Too many T20 matches are played with shorter boundaries of 55 to 65 MTS. The ICC needs to stipulate the boundary sizes to a minimum of 70 mts for all T20 matches. With high-quality bats, even mistimed shots go for 6s which is too unkind for the bowlers. Hence to get the bowlers more into the game, the boundary sizes need to be increased.

Golden over 

This can be a great new innovation whereby a team will choose a particular over number as their golden over before the start of their innings. The rule will be that the runs in that over will be counted as double in the total.  This will further add to the excitement in the game and that particular over will be eagerly awaited by the fans.

Penalty runs for slow over rates

 Penalty runs should be deducted from the team’s total for slow over rates. It can be 5 runs penalty per over. This if a team has been slow in over rates by 2 overs then 10 runs. Should be minus their total number of runs scored in the match.


Hit in excess of 100 MTS to be allowed 8 runs 

Even with the best quality bats, long sixes in excess of 100 metres are not easy to hit. Therefore, to make the game more exciting till the end. The authorities need to think about awarding 8 runs for all hits of 100 meters or more

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