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Some Cricketers who were not on good terms with teammates

Cricket is a team game where at times personal egos or sour relations amongst players need to take a back seat. However, there have been several instances of ego clashes etc that has affected team spirit at times.

Let us go through the below list of players, Some Cricketers who were not on good terms with teammates-

Imran Khan – Javed Miandad

Imran Khan and Javed Miandad were arguably the two biggest icons in Pakistan cricket history and both were teammates for ages. However, both were never on good terms with each other though they fought unitedly for the team’s cause. There were many instances when Imran overruled Javed’s advice when he was the captain. In the Hyderabad Test against India in 1983, Imran declared the Pakistan innings to get more time to bowl out India but Javed did not like it at all as he was batting on 280 when the declaration arrived. Thus Javed was gutted to have missed his 300.

Some Cricketers who were not on good terms with teammates
Images credit Indiatimes, featured image credit crictracker

Adam Gilchrist – Shane Warne

Two absolute superstars and great match winners during Australia’s golden era. However, Warne did not like it when Gilchrist was picked on the Australian side ahead of his friend. Also subsequently the vice-captaincy going to Gilchrist was another instance that Shane Warne did not like. However, both of them stood strong during the team’s cause.

Some Cricketers who were not on good terms with teammates
image credits crictracker

Shoaib Akhtar – Shahid Afridi

The relationship between Shoaib & Afridi actually deteriorated during the 2011 world cup when Shoaib Akhtar who was not in his best form, wanted to play the semis against India but Afridi and the think tank did not include him. Pakistan lost the match and Shoaib did not hide his bitterness towards Afridi.

Kevin Pietersen – Graeme Swann

Kevin Pietersen’s spat with many of his English teammates are well known. Despite being a great player he was not on great terms with many of his teammates especially Graeme Swann, so much so that they were not even on speaking terms. However, in the larger interest of the team, they both performed well for England and didn’t allow their poor relationship to come in their way.

Michael Clarke – Simon Katich

Clarke and Katich had a big blow-up inside the dressing room. After a test match which Australia won in 2009 against South Africa. It turned out to be so ugly that the relationship between the two was never good afterwards and it subsequently affected Katich’s Australian career.


Krunal Pandya – Deepak Hooda

This was a recent ugly spat between the two Baroda players resulting in Hooda being suspended from the Syed Mushtaq Ali event. Hooda alleged that Pandya abused him when he was having nets. Pandya is alleged to have threatened Hooda that he won’t be in the team. This spat was condemned by many cricketers including Irfan Pathan. Pandya is known to shout at his fielders while bowling. So far BCA has not taken any action on this incident and therefore we are yet to reach the end of this story.

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