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BCCI gets criticized for gender disparity

Recently the BCCI has announced the annual contracts for women cricketers for 2020-21 which has been classified into 3 categories as under:

Grade A : 50 lacs
Grade B : 30 lacs
Grade C : 10 lacs

A total of 19 women cricketers have come under the contract.

A certain portion of the cricket fraternity along with numerous cricket fans have criticize BCCIs pay scales for women where there is a huge difference when compare to their men counterparts. The Grade A for men’s cricketers get 7 crores compare to 50 lacs for Grade A women’s cricketers and so on.

However, India’s batting star Smriti Mandhana reacted in a highly sensible manner to the criticisms directed at BCCI on this issue. Smriti said that the men’s cricketers are responsible for the main share of the revenue that BCCI earns.

Smriti Mandhana defends higher pay for men cricketers as BCCI gets criticize for gender disparity. She also added that once the women cricketers start contributing majorly to BCCI’s revenue. She will be the first one to ask for equality in monetary benefits.

BCCI gets criticized for gender disparity
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“We need to understand that the revenue we get is through men’s cricket. The day women’s cricket starts earning revenue, I will be the first person to say that we need the same thing. Right now, we cannot say that,” said Mandhana.

Smriti also added that at present none of her colleagues is thinking about money. As well as, their main aim is to win matches for India. And get the crowd to come and watch women’s cricket. Which will help in the revenue generation rather than lamenting on the current pay gap .

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