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Shastri and Kohli touches on varied topics at their pre-departure press conference

The Indian captain and coach held a pre-departure press conference ahead of flying off to England for their 3-month long tour which includes the WTC final and 5 test series vs England.

Both Shastri and Kohli touched upon various relevant questions.

On the World test Championships, Shastri has opined that going forward it should become a 3 match final instead of the current one-off game to provide both teams with a fairer opportunity. Ravi believes that in future the best of 3 test finals will be implemented. However, Shastri also added that a lot of work has gone behind India’s upward graph in test cricket. Which has not come overnight. He further added that this WTC title will be the biggest achievement if India wins as test cricket is the most toughest format of all which really tests a cricketer.

Shastri and Kohli touches on varied topics at their pre-departure press conference. On two seperate national team undertaking tours simultaneously. Kohli said that in current times this could well become the norm and more such instances will present themselves in the future.

Both Kohli and Shastri spoke at length on the mental health aspect. Kohli stressed on giving maximum importance to mental health. As it is very important for the cricketers to unwind after a tough day of cricket. Especially for players who did not have a good day. However, it has become very tough with current health protocols as players are not allow to go outside. And have dinner or unwind in any other way which can increase frustration and can impact performances.

Shastri and Kohli touches on varied topics at their pre-departure press conference
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On New Zealand gaining an early advantage of playing in English conditions ahead of India. Kohli discounted any such advantages stating that even Australia was expected to beat India in their own conditions in the last series but they lost. Kohli added that this Indian team have a positive mindset. And will not board the flight thinking that the opposition has a better advantage for any reason. He further added that even four days of training prior to the final will be enough for this team to compete in the match.


Talking on the same subject Shastri was of the view that even the fittest players need to be rotated. To keep everyone fresh especially in such a long tour involving 5 tests against a top outfit. Hence some player rotations during the test series is a big possibility.

The Indian contingent will fly to England on June 3 to start their 3-month marathon tour.

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