SG to revisit quality of balls for the current India – England test series.

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The Indian camp after the 1st test loss has expressed serious displeasure on the conditions of the SG balls which are being used for this test series. It may be recalled that Ravichandran Ashwin and Virat Kohli both expressed their unhappiness on the ball’s condition which they feel could not stand the rigours of the match.

BCCI has already asked Sanspareils Greenlands ( the makers of the SG ball ) for a feedback on why the seam of the ball tore after 60 overs which Ashwin stated at the press conference after 4th days play.

It is learnt that SG has responded to BCCI stating that the pitch condition could be highly responsible along with the quality of the seam.

In fact Ashwin too had mentioned about the pitch being one reason why the seam got so affected .

” The ball was pretty bizarre for us as I have never seen an SG ball tear through the seam like that . It could be a combination of how hard the pitch was in first two days . Even in 2nd innings after 35-40 overs the seam peeled off which was bizarre ” Ashwin said.

Virat Kohli looked extremely livid with the ball’s condition in the after match press conference: ” The ball being completely destroyed in 60 overs is something which nobody experience as a test side or any test side to be prepared for ”

The makers however have promised further research on the whole matter to ensure that the ball does not suffer due to the abrasive nature of the pitch. The have taken the feedback of the players seriously and are looking at upgrading the quality of the balls to ensure that it endures such conditions.

With very little time between first and second test , it remains to be seen how far this situation can be resolved in such short period .

Till then , work is cut out for the bowlers of both sides.

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