Sanjay Manjrekar advises Kohli to follow the footsteps of Dhoni and take criticism well

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Sanjay Manjrekar, cricketer-turned-commentator has given a piece of advice to India skipper, Virat Kohli through his Twitter handle. This advice came after Kohli’s virtual conference wherein he answered the question about KL Rahul’s performance in the 4 T20I matches against England and the way fans have reacted to his low score. Yes, fans and media have not been kind to the Karnataka player who has been able to score 1,0,0 and 14 runs in all four T20I matches and was dropped from the team in the last match. But the batsman has his captain’s support.

This support towards KL Rahul became the reason for Manjrekar’s suggestion to Kohli. Manjrekar advised Kohli to accept the fact that the public is going to criticize a player if the performance is bad. Similarly, it is going to sing praises for the player if he performs well. It is the reality for any sports.

“Public reacting to a public performance” 

Virat Kohli referred to this criticism as “nonsense talk” which gave way to a tweet by Sanjay Manjrekar. He said that playing cricket is a “public performance” and the “outside talk which Virat calls nonsense is basically public reacting to a public performance.” He also stressed the point that it has always been the same and will remain so. It is an “age-old reality” as per the former cricketer and the Indian skipper must learn to accept it with grace and calmness. He also mentioned Dhoni in his tweet and said that Virat needs to learn this trick from Dhoni as he took this criticism well.

“Outside talk has been nonsense”

Manjrekar had to tweet this comment as Kohli, being supportive of his teammate KL Rahul said that all the criticism coming from the public is “nonsense” and he never let it affect him. He said that he was going to do the same with this “outside talk” too. Kohli said that it is in the best interest of a player to avoid such talks as it is not clear who said what about a player and what was the motive behind that. He firmly stated that he will not let this criticism enter the system of his team even in the future. 

Virat Kohli stated that they would be taking care of their players. They require a good mental space and this what the team is going to provide them.  

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