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If you are a diehard cricket fan you will know the feeling of believing that the best of friendships in the world originate in the field of cricket. Brothers bonded with the colour of the jersey, ready to fight the world for each other. What if it’s all an illusion? Yes, we are talking about the heartthrobs that rule billions of hearts but aren’t they human? World of cricket is famous for its friendships which go beyond the field and we watch players standing by each other at the time of crisis. The same world has been witness to many ill famous stories of rifts between cricketers. The reasons for these rifts range from personal to professional and so does the expression.

One such rift that has been under the microscope since World Cup 2019 is between our Skipper, Virat Kohli, and the player recently nominated for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, Rohit Sharma. Though such splits are not new in this world and the fans have witnessed many of their favourite cricketers growing apart but the matter becomes more important when the ones causing the drama are the Captain and Vice- Captain of one of the strongest Cricket teams of the world.


Both the players, once famous for their friendship on the field are making headlines for their slow and not so secret drift. The world could sense something seriously wrong simmering between the two players for quite some time but a full fledged view of the distance could be seen during the World Cup, 2019. 

The issue grabbed focus when India had to make its exit from the World Cup in the semi-finals. This is the time when the discussion of split-captaincy started doing rounds in the Indian cricket. Some felt the need of change in captaincy and saw Kohli fit to lead the team in Test matches. They believed that Sharma had proved to be a successful captain in the Indian Premier League and might give the team the boost that it needs in ODI.  

This thought set a chain of reactions in motion. Kohli, who had no plans of joining the team for West Indies tour as he believed the series to be quite easy and wanted to rest as much as he could. The decision to take some time off of the field soon changed after the suggestions for split captaincy came in to existence. Or it had something to do with Sharma scoring a single World Cup-record five centuries?

The professional rift soon took a personal turn when Rohit Sharma unfollowed the star spouse, Anushka Sharma on Instagram. Sharma unfollowing Captain Khili had become old news by then but this new progression in the matter just pushed the already-lingering-at-the-edge-issue, even further. Kohli appears emerged as the bigger man in this issue as he continues to follow Sharma, though, not his wife.

Even the stay of the wives of players during the time of World Cup was a debatable issue, focusing mainly upon Kohli’s actress wife, Anushka Sharma and how she was given a celebrity treatment and Rohit Sharma’s request to prolong his wife’s stay was denied. Where Anushka Sharma stayed in the team hotel for the entire World Cup Season, Rohit Sharma’s wife was not granted even an extension for her stay. Skipper’s undivided attention towards his wife also became an issue to be justified for the player.


Soon after the contemplation of the rift between two of strongest pillars of the Indian cricket team a surge of justifications overtook the media. Vinod Rai who is the chief of the Committee of Administrators (COA) rejected the whole matter addressing it as one of the “stories created” by media. When the speculations about a cold war between both the batsmen started and the fans got worried, BCCI had to take the matter in its hands. BCCI officials ruled any possibility of the cold war between both the cricketers and assured the fans that the paradise of Indian cricket is blissfully sound.

Both the cricketers though, not at peace with each other’s presence, have saved themselves from making any public comment about the alleged rift between them. Kohli has always maintained the dignity of his position, not only as the Captain but a fellow teammate as well. On the other hand Rohit Sharma also never crossed the line of appropriacy. There might be a silent war going on between the two but that did not make both the players forget their stature in the cricket world.


World of cricket has widened its horizon so that a news remains no more limited to the cricketers only. A controversy started on the field engulfs everyone in its way and the first victims are always the family members. Family of a celebrity cricketer is no less in status than the celebrity himself, especially, when that family member is star in his own right. Anushka Sharma had to bear the brunt of this speculated cold war more than anybody, so much so that even Rohit Sharma had to come out in the open a put a stop to it. 

“Our families are there to support us, make us feel happy. When all these things were being written about, few of my friends came and told me and believe me or not, I was just laughing.” 

“But then it went on and on and they dragged my family and that was not fun. You talk about me but don’t drag my family as they genuinely don’t care about anything else. I think even Virat must have felt the same way as families are an important aspect of our lives.”

Sharma urged the fans and media to keep the matter away from his family. As per the cricketer he and Virat being public figures are the centre of speculations and that seems fair but their families should be left alone. When the vice-captain made this statement he did not talk only for himself but included his Captain too. Maybe all the panic over the biggest batsmen of the country is nothing but mere speculation. Who knows?

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