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Revealed: Rizwan was given ICC banned substance to get cured to play the WC T20I semis v Australia

Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman Mohammad Rizwan fell seriously ill just before the World Twenty20 semifinals.  He has to be admitted to the hospital.  Rizwan came back from the brink of death and took to the field against Australia.  How did he make the impossible possible?  

 Rizwan was admitted to the hospital with a severe chest infection.  Further 20 minutes late arrival to the hospital could have been a big danger for him .  However, he did not want to be out of the field in the semi-final against Australia.  The hospital nurse warned him that he would have to stay under treatment for a week.  But in Rizwan’s mind was filled  only the semi-final against Australia.

 Rizwan was not left out.  Doctors appointed by the Pakistan Cricket Board were also forced to give up in the face of his insistence.  In the end, he turned to the ICC to help Rizwan recover.  Rizwan was given an injection which was on the ICC’s banned list with the necessary permission from ICC .  Rizwan, who then spent two days in the ICU, played a high class  67-run innings off 52 balls in the opener against Australia.

image credits the cricket monthly

 In an interview with Rizwan, Najibullah Soomro said, “Your situation was not good.  You couldn’t breathe properly.  We had to give an injection to you to heal as we had no other choice.  But athletes cannot be given that injection as it is on the ban list.  I was forced to contact the ICC.  You get that injection after we get permission. “

 “I told the doctor, ‘Please tell me exactly what happened to me,'” Rizwan said of his condition.  Why no one is telling me exactly. ‘I was tested 12-13 times.  The nurse informed me, and the situation would have been much worse if it had been twenty minutes late.  I have to stay in the hospital for a week.  Told her, are you crazy!  I have to play in the semifinals. “

 Rizwan went to the hospital after feeling sick for several days.  Examination showed that he had a serious infection in his lungs.  “When I arrived at the hospital, I couldn’t breathe,” Rizwan said.  The nurse informed me that my breathing pipe was blocked.  I was not told anything more than that.  Although I told you then, I will leave the hospital the next morning if I feel a little better.  I looked a little weak in the morning.  So I left the hospital in the afternoon for the hotel. “
 Rizwan recovered faster than expected.  Regarding this, Najibullah said, “I have not seen anyone with such a strong desire to take the field for the country.  Impossible strength of mind and effort healed him unexpectedly fast.  Then we saw Rizwan’s performance on the field. “

 He wanted to play for the country despite his illness.  Rizwan was in good rhythm in the competition.  So he did not want to be out of the field in an important match like the semi-final.  In the end he played that match.  Despite losing the semi-final, Rizwan made 67 off 52 balls while opening the innings.

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