Relive IPL 2008, from where it all started

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Relive IPL 2008

Relive IPL 2008, 2008 has become a special year in the history of cricket as it would always be remembered as the beginning of a new era in the cricket world. The year marks the inauguration of the Indian Premier League which was established by the Board of Control for Cricket in India in 2007.

It was criticized, praised, liked, and ultimately loved by the fans and the experts alike. This year the world is witnessing the 14th edition of the IPL but one cannot forget how the journey started and this is what we are up to. We will take you on a trip down memory lane and would relive all that the IPL has brought for its fans in all these years.

The beginning

The first season of the IPL started on April 18, 2008, and the season culminated on June 1, 2008. The 1st edition of IPL had speared it with great pomp and show and whether one loved it or just tolerated it, one could not stay immune to the infectious energy of the IPL. 8 teams named after 8 Indian states started the tournament with a double round-robin group stage. The teams played a home match and a match away against every other team. These matches gave way to 2 semi-finals and the final match brought Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings face to face.

This final match is etched in many memories as the match went down to the last ball until Rajasthan Royals defeated Chennai Super Kings to claim the first IPL title and became the first winners of this new league. 

Heroes of the first season

Heroes of the first battle are never forgotten, they become immortal in the pages of history and the same has happened with the warriors of the IPL season 1. All the teams and players fought to carve their name in history and few came out to be victorious. Yusuf Pathan was named the Man of the Match for the final match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals whereas Shane Watson was adjudged the Player of the Tournament. 

Sohail Tanvir won the Purple Cap as he was the top-wicket-taking bowler in the tournament. Pakistan’s Tanvir made a record by taking 22 wickets. Shaun Marsh became the top-run scorer of the tournament and won Orange Cap for the same. Australian cricketer Shaun Marsh created history with his bat as he made over 600 runs in the first edition of the IPL at an average of 68.44. 

IPL is famous for bringing new talents into the limelight and this is something that started right from season 1. Shreevats Goswami was awarded the Best Under-19 Player award.

Points table 2008

IPL Points table gives you an overview of the match in just one glance. One gets to know which team could have ended up winning but why it did not. Let’s have a look at the IPL points table 2008.

1.Rajasthan Royals141130220.632
2.Kings XI Punjab141040200.509
3.Chennai Super Kings1486016-0.192
4.Delhi Daredevils14761150.342
5.Mumbai Indians14770140.570
6.Kolkata Knight Riders1467113-0.147
7.Royal Challengers Bangalore1441008-1.160
8.Deccan Chargers1421204-0.467
Relive IPL 2008

The points table speaks for itself. There is no room for any confusion when rules are this clear and simple. The winning team is awarded 2 points in the IPL. If the match ends without any decision them both the teams receive one point each and if the team loses, of course, it gets 0 points. Deccan Chargers finished last in this season but surprisingly Kings XI Punjab which has continuously played badly in the IPL played quite well in the first season and ended at second spot with 20 points.

IPL and controversies

One thing that we all learned from the IPL season 1 was the inseparable nature of cricket and controversies and IPL was no different than other formats of cricket when it came to creating headlines, not for the best reasons. It would not be wrong to say that the 1st season caused more spark because what was being witnessed on the cricket ground was altogether new. Let’s have look at what all caused controversies during the IPL 2008.


IPL came on the radar of feminists and a few politicians for bringing cheerleaders, especially foreign cheerleaders on the ground. It was said that this was against the traditional spirit of the game. The cheerleader factor caused more raised eyebrows when two cheerleaders were asked to leave the ground of Mohali due to “the color of their skin” by Wizcraft International Entertainment. The girls alleged that a few employees used racial slurs for them and were also told that “people don’t like dark girls here”. The whole matter came to an end when the BCCI did not receive any official complaints from the girls.

Relive IPL 2008

Harbhajan-Sreesanth squabble

Heated conversations in the middle of the matches are not new on cricket grounds but the 2008 IPL is famous or rather infamous for one more controversy which kept trending of days. It was April 25, 2008, and Kings XI Punjab had registered a win over Mumbai Indian. Following this win, Punjab XI Player Sreesanth was slapped by Harbhajan Singh under his eye.

Harbhajan Singh was the in-stand captain of the defeated team who did not take the loss very well. It was the third match in a row which Mumbai Indians had lost. When Sreesanth came over to Singh and reportedly, met the player saying “hard luck”, Singh lost control and hit Sreesanth in the face.

Sreesanth, though, kept his cool and since then has dialed down the incident saying that Harbhajan Singh was like an elder brother to him and did not mind the incident. Though Sreesanth was seen sobbing on the ground before the presentation ceremony and this is one such image that keeps living and breathing on the internet.

So, the story of season 1 comes to an end but don’t you want to know why Pakistan banned its cricketers from being a part of the 2009 IPL season? We think you do. Wait for our complete story on the Indian Premier League 2009.

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