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IPL 2023 final night turned into an anti-climax for crores of fans waiting for tremendous action, thrilling contests and beautiful title celebration. The danger which was being expressed lightly, not only proved to be true, but also proved to be the only action of the whole night. Due to unseasonal rains in Ahmedabad, the final match of IPL 2023 between Chennai Super Giants and Gujarat Titans could not be played on Sunday, 28 May. Now this match will be held on the reserve day of Monday 29th May.


A crowd had gathered since evening to watch this final between Chennai and Gujarat at the Narendra Modi Stadium. There was a lot of excitement and curiosity in the audience. Especially the fans were eager to see MS Dhoni winning the title for the fifth time. But the weather of Gujarat betrayed and increased the wait for this final continuously.

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The match was to start at 7.30 pm but it started raining about an hour before. Like the second qualifier played two days ago between Gujarat and Mumbai, it suddenly started raining after 6 o’clock. That day the rain had stopped after some time and then the match had also started. This could not happen on the day of the final. Once it started raining, it kept on happening.

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Although the rain stopped once in the middle at around 9 o’clock, there was hope, but after 5 minutes it started raining again. It was clear from this that the match would not happen today. After waiting for about 5 hours, at 11 pm, the umpires decided that the match would now be played on the reserve day.

Now the question arises that what if it rains on the reserve day as well? According to the rules of the IPL final, there will be 120 minutes in addition to the fixed time of 3 hours 20 minutes even on the reserve day. That is, even on the reserve day, the wait will be done till 12.06 in the night, so that 5 overs can be played. If that is not possible then the decision will be taken from the super over. If that too could not happen, then Gujarat, which secured the first position in the points table, would be declared the winner.

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