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Best GM Zona F2 303 English Willow Cricket Bat

key features

  • Best GM Zona F2 303 English Willow Cricket Bat has Huge stealth-like power is an understatement
  • Whilst the color profile may be stealthy in design, the large pronounced edges at the driving zone provide huge confidence for the batter
  • Complimented by the low to mid swell position for powerful front foot play, this bat has been specifically engineered to produce maximum power at the drive zone
  • The GM Zona F2 303 is the perfect bat for those looking to stand out from the crowd
  • Epitomizing class and style with its striking color scheme and sleek design
  • Available in  seven grades, the perfect Noir for you is never far away
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Best GM Zona F2 303 English Willow Cricket Bat | BUY NOW FROM AMAZON


GM cricket bat designers and manufacturers are at the cutting edge of cricket bat making technology. GM Zona cricket bats are made using computer aided drawing and computer aided manufacturing, this means that you get scientific computer perfection in every blade.

The shorter blade length also enables the Diamond to have fantastic balance, creating a perfect pick up and feel. The traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile, ideal for dynamic stroke-makers. With availability in nine different grades, there’s a Diamond waiting for you whatever your budget.

The first thing that will strike you with the GM Zona is the fact that it has a shortened blade design. Sounds like semantics, but a shorter blade design means a more dynamic sweetspot. A more dynamic sweet spot means that you get more power in your shots.

GM zona Traditionally produces bats with a significant bow, to enable players to swat away spin on dusty tracks with consummate ease. The Chase Master is different, however, in that it features big edges and shoulders, alongside a square toe to help lower the bat’s centre of gravity and give power when driving.


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