Prasidh Krishna plays down Stokes controversial run out verdict by 3rd umpire

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Ben Stokes played an astonishing innings of 99 off 52 balls with 10 brutal 6s but his close runout verdict drew criticism again on the 3rd umpires capabilities of handling marginal decisions .

India’s impressive fast bowler Prasidh Krishna when asked on this downplayed the episode.

Ben Stokes was only on 31 when he went for a quick double after flicking a Bhuvneshwar Kumar delivery towards deep mid-wicket in the 2nd ODI in Pune. The left-hander was a bit slow off his blocks while setting off for the second run and Kuldeep Yadav – the fielder at deep mid-wicket – was exactly the opposite.

Kuldeep knocked the bails down with a direct hit. Matter was sent to the 3rd umpire for his verdict. Umpire Anil Chaudhary, however, surprisingly ruled Stokes not out after watching several replays even though the bat was on the line in which case the batsman can be ruled “out” .

“We are not the ones here to make decisions, the right person was sitting there and I think, whatever he did was all that he could do. We are nobody to comment over that,” Krishna, who was playing in his second ODI for India, said in the post-match presentation on Friday.

Stokes innings and Bairstow’s 100 took England to a convincing win in 2nd ODI

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