Ponting was puzzled with Prithvi Shaw’s training methods during IPL 2020

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Ricky Ponting  has had some interesting experiences with Prithvi Shaw during his stint as Delhi Capitals coach . He is amazed by the talent Shaw possesses and feels that he has not seen many such great talents during the whole of his career as a player and coach . 

However he has been left puzzled by Shaw’s approach towards practice specially when he is not in his best form.

It may be recalled that Shaw after an initial flourish had struggled in the 2nd half of IPL 2020 when his runs completely dried up which followed a disappointing tour of Australia where as was predicted by Ponting during one of his commentary stints in that series , Shaw had his defences ripped open by Australian fast bowlers with sharp incoming deliveries at Adelaide before being dropped . 

” I’ve tried (taking Shaw under his wing) the last two years and I’ve really enjoyed working with him,” Ponting said . “I’ve had some really interesting chats with him through last year’s IPL, just trying to break him down, trying to find out exactly what was the right way to coach him and how I was going to get the best out of him.

“But he had an interesting theory on his batting last year – when he’s not scoring runs, he won’t bat, and when he is scoring runs, he wants to keep batting all the time.

“He had four or five games where he made under 10 and I’m telling him, ‘We have to go to the nets and work out (what’s wrong)’, and he looked me in the eye and said, ‘No, I’m not batting today’. “I couldn’t really work that out.

“He might have changed. I know he’s done a lot of work over the last few months, that theory that he had might have changed, and hopefully it has, because if we can get the best out of him, he could be a superstar player.”

Ponting had not held back in giving Shaw his opinion a few months earlier during the IPL.

“I was going pretty hard at him,” said the former Australia captain. “I was basically telling him, ‘Mate you’ve got to get in the nets. Whatever you think you’re working on, is not working for you’.”

“It’s my job as a coach to challenge someone’s preparation if they’re not getting results. So I challenged him and he stuck to his word and he didn’t practice much at all towards the back-end of the tournament, and didn’t get many runs towards the back-end of the tournament either.”  Ponting added 

This all eyes will be glued on the Ponting – Shaw equation as Delhi Capitals get ready  for a new season. 

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