Paul Van Meekeren : Fast bowling is all about rhythm

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Paul Van Meekeren is a 28 year old Dutch cricketer and former Somerset player . He is a fast medium bowler who has played 41 T20Is for Netherlands taking 47 wickets at around 20 average and just under 7 economy rate . He has also played 5 ODIs getting 4 wickets. 

The recent covid pandemic has affected the cricket in 2nd tier nations where the cricket structure is nowhere as systematic as in the leading nations . Van Meekeren had to resort to Uber eats food delivery job in order to sustain himself.
The talented Dutch cricketer was interviewed by the cricnews24 representative. Excerpts of the interview: 

How did you involve yourself in the game of cricket?

My dad introduced me to the game. Like many Dutch men he started playing football at a young age. On the same ground during the summer months the football fields would be transformed into cricket grounds & I started playing the game.

For a fast bowler, what is the ultimate joy ?

I don’t think there is an ultimate joy as a fast bowler for me. I think the joy for me comes from the game. And specifically when all disciplines with a team come together and wins you games as a team. I think WT20 qualifiers 2019 was such a moment. Where we as a team   kept finding ways to win games.

What is your concept of fast bowling ?

For me it’s all about rhythm in the run up. If my run up is off then I’m not bowling as fast as I can and the execution of the delivery won’t be as consistent or controlled

Which batsman in Netherlands domestic cricket .do you consider the toughest to get out?

I don’t know. I haven’t played in the Dutch domestic game for 5 years now.

Is there any particular delivery you have been working on?

I haven’t really been able to properly work on my bowling for over a year now. But I’m always working on my yorkers and slower balls.

Which player are you most inspired by ?

As a kid I never watched much cricket because we couldn’t watch it on TV so I never was inspired by players. I just enjoyed going to the cricket club and have fun with friends

How did you maintain your fitness? What is your fitness routine specially off season ?

Fitness is been a big weakness. I’ve never done it consistently until I joined Somerset in 2016. Since the pandemic it’s been just running running and more running

What Messge you give for youngster who want to take up cricket as profession ?

Enjoy and have fun. You can be the most talented cricketer and not make it as a professional. Enjoy and have fun playing the game, keep wanting to improve and try to get better and keep smiling

What was your most cherished moments on the field?

I think the game against UAE at the T20I World cup qualifiers 2019 when we as a bowling unit blew away the UAE in the first 4 overs of the game and set up an easy chase for our batters and qualified for the T20 World Cup.

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