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Pat Cummins remembers his 1st trip to India as an 18-year-old

Pat Cummins has come a long way since his first international tour as a young promising fast bowler in 2011. He is now the leading fast bowler in world cricket after missing 6 years of top-level cricket due to injury since his test debut in South Africa in which he took 6 wickets in an innings. He showed unbelievable resilience in his comeback to test cricket in difficult bowling conditions in the acrimonious India test series of 2017 and has become a superstar ever since.

Pat Cummins remembers his 1st trip to India as an 18-year-old. In a recent YouTube vlog, Cummins recounted his experiences in his first-ever India tour as a wide-eyed teenager in 2011. He was a part of the New South Wales squad which played in the now-defunct Champions League. Which used to be a tournament played between the leading T20 franchisee teams of the world.

Pat Cummins remembers his 1st trip to India as an 18-year-old
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Cummins recalled his unbelievable experience of cricket in India in 2011 which he absolutely adored. After hearing so many stories about travelling to India. He said that during his small stay of just 3-4 days, he was thrilled to see the crowd enthusiasm in India for the game. Recalled several instances of the crowd going wild each time David Warner or Shane Watson. ( who were part of the NSW team) ran to the boundary to field in a practice match !!

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Cummins also mentioned about enjoying his batting in the T20s. After having to bat in a boring manner in test cricket struggling to get runs. He mentioned that he always relished the freedom of playing shots in T20 cricket. While coming out to bat for a few balls .

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