Pandya and Curran brothers clash in successive matches

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Pandya and Curran brothers clash

Things are not going smoothly between Pandya and Curran families as the the brothers and clashing in consecutive matches.

During India’s batting in 2nd ODI, both the younger siblings Hardik and Sam Curran clashed with each other. Sm mouthed a few verbals at Hardik after a delivery and soon Hardik was seen almost running at him and making Sam know his feelings. The umpire intervened and Rahul came accross and hence the matter did not escalate further.

Pandya and Curran brothers clash

Similar incident happened in 1st ODI when Tom Curran indulged in a few verbals at debutant Krunal Pandya who also came across and responded in an aggressive manner and soon being confronted by the umpire.  

While it was not clear what was the starting point of these clashes, it looks very clear that as of now the Pandya and Curran siblings are not on very civil terms.

Surely the match officials will be extra vigilant when the above players come face to face again.
Below please find the moment of Hardik – Sam clash 

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