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Nick Compton feels that Virat Kohli’s “language is quite excessive”

Virat Kohli is a passionate player and everybody is aware of the fact that he can get a little too personal while he plays a match. This is what was observe during the second Test match of the England vs India series. Former England captain Nick Compton feels that the Indian skipper should tone it down. As he is the one representing the country and leading the team. The team and the fans look up to him for guidance and motivation. Thus, getting this ‘excessive’ over the field doesn’t suit him. 

Day 4 of the second Test was quite a match as Anderson and Kohli engaged in a heated exchange. Hurled back and forth jibes at each other while India was batting in the second innings. The final day did not bring an end to this kind of exchange rather the Indian skipper was seen taking shots at Ollie Robinson and Jos Butler. While the duo tried to save the day for England. Sledging is a part and parcel of the much-loved sport and Compton realizes. This but what stressed out the former English captain was the difference between Kohli and Anderson and their ways of sledging.

He agreed that “It’s not just Kohli” and Anderson also has his ways but Kohli’s language is quite excessive. According to Compton. Kohli “has got a good array of swear words that he uses” and his way is to get abusive on the field. 

Nick Compton feels that Virat Kohli’s “language is quite excessive”

Compton said that the team has all the rights to get aggressive. And give it back to England but there are different ways of doing so. He also mentioned Jadeja’s name and said that the team has a good mixture. He suggested opting for “more intelligent way” like not getting into abusive fights and saying nothing. The best revenge would be to “go out there and get a hundred”, says Nick Compton.


Compton feels that the line should not be cross. Yes, there is no harm in a little verb duel but role models like Virat Kohli should watch their steps. He appreciated Kohli for his game and said that he has been an admirer of him and his skills. Kohli brings a lot to cricket but he should not become overemotional. Compton doesn’t want a referee to be brought in the game every time someone says something. He doesn’t want cricket to feel like naughty children playing in the playground. That’s why he feels that players should stay within their lines and watch their mouths. International players should respect the dignity of the game. “These are adults, these are professional cricketers.”, said Compton as he appealed to cricketers.

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