” Never seen spinners bowl so badly in any form of cricket ” : Madan Lal on poor outing of Indian spinners in 2nd ODI

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Former Indian allrounder and 1983 world cup winner Madan Lal was extremely dissappointed by the performance of the Indian spin duo of Kuldeep Yadav and Krunal Pandya during the 2nd ODI as Bairstow and Stokes decimated them to win the match for England .

Madan Lal even went to the extent of saying the he has never seen spinners bowl so poorly in any form of cricket which was indeed a very strong statement.

When Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow got going, the Indian spinners at the time – Krunal Pandya and Kuldeep Yadav – did not bowl well. I have never seen the spinners bowl so poorly in any form of cricket ever. Every bowler gets hit (by the batsmen), but if you have to get hit, at least, let them be good deliveries, that way there will be chances for the bowlers, but you should not be bowling such poor deliveries. I don’t think India played their best two spinners in the match,” said Madan Lal.

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