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Indian cricket team is one of the strongest teams of the world and it is not a miracle but the players have devoted their blood and sweat to become the team which is feared by the opponents. It was not always the case with the Indian team that the rivals were afraid to face them but over time, with additions in the squad, determination to do better and become the best have led this team from the one that had a lot of potential to becoming the one which is hard to defeat. And the world has recognized this. Former captain of England, Naseer Hussain feels that India is at such a strong place that it does not get bullied by its opposition and adversities easily and the former captain gives the credit of this strength to the skipper, Virat Kohli.


Naseer Hussain said that the captain has filled the team with a fighting attitude and the spirit of survival which is very tough to defeat. And this warrior attitude is not carried by the squad only on the ground but even when they are off the field. This winning spirit was displayed by Indian cricket team recently during Australia vs India Test series. India had lost many of its key players to injuries and the skipper was on paternity leave but the way Ajinkya Rahane led the team of new and underrated players is a story in itself which screams will power.

Hussain, obviously, expressed concerned for his team and warned England to be ready as now it is England’s turn to face India in a four-Test series from February 5 in Chennai.


Hussain recalled all the primary incidents of India vs Australia Test series. He started from that historic defeat of team India in the first test, recounted Virat’s departure and then weakening of India’s bowling attack. He applauded India for making the come back that the world is appreciating and says that if they could survive all of that and win against Australia then, “they won’t be bullied”.

Hussain also feels that India will come on stronger now that they are going to be playing in their home, in Chennai. Thus, England needs to be extra cautious. He did not hesitate to pass on a clear warning to his team which says, “Make no mistake, at home, they are a formidable outfit.” Now that’s something coming from one of the great players.


England must be full of confidence after their 2-0 series sweep against Sri Lanka and that boost would be quite helpful for the players to be playing against one of the greatest teams but that doesn’t mean that they can let their guard down. Hussain feels that England should think hard and go with their best 11 for the first test. Hussain was not happy with the decision of keeping Bairstow away from the field for the first 2 test matches against India.

He looks back in time and recalls his days in India. Being brought up I India he is familiar with the tension and excitement that an India vs England team brings in the environment. He said, “I’ve always seen India vs England as one of the great series”. He advises the guest team to enter the ground with their best 13-15 players and not take any risks.

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