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My body shook on hearing Shastri’s first word in his pep talk in 2014: Virat Kohli 

Indian captain Virat Kohli heaped massive praises on the current Indian head coach Ravi Shastri during a gathering in Taj UK in London. The occasion was a book launch by Ravi Shastri  named, Stargazing: The Players in My Life.
Shastri ‘s book relates to portraying many of the greatest cricketers. That he played with and against or seen as a player, coach and commentator.

At the book launch, Virat Kohli was as eloquent as ever in his praise for the Indian head coach. 

Kohli recalled his first experience with Shastri in the dressing room in 2014. When Shastri was brought in to give a pep talk to the team, to uplift their spirits as they were going through a struggle. My body shook on hearing Shastri’s first word in his pep talk in 2014: Virat Kohli.

Kohli said that the first word Shastri uttered in his deep resonant voice shook his body as he was sitting. Shastri started by addressing ” Boys”.

Kohli said that he was astounded by the clarity of Shastri’s voice. The clarity of his thoughts, his determination and positivity. 

Kohli hailed Shastri as the most prominent voice in India when they first interacted. And acknowledged that his huge wealth of experience as a player was priceless for the team. 

My body shook on hearing Shastri's first word in his pep talk in 2014: Virat Kohli 
image credits circle of cricket, featured image credits twitter

Kohli further added that both he and Shastri had a mutual vision of taking Indian cricket forward. Also adding that their partnership is based on ‘trust’ and ‘mutual respect.’

Kohli further said that their working relationship was and still is based on a vision of taking Indian cricket forward. At higher and better place. 

 ” Both of us together along with the brilliance of the whole team and the talent we have been blessed with, I think we have been able to achieve that and it’s something we are proud of,”  Kohli concluded.

As Shastri current contract is coming to a close in 3 months time , the Indian team will be highly motivated to win the current  England test series followed by the T20I World cup.


Indeed that will be the greatest farewell to honour Shastri’s achievements as a coach. During which time India has developed the most potent fast bowling lineup in their test history. Which helped in more wins abroad.

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