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Michael Vaughan accuses Indian players of not playing 5th test due to IPL 

Michael Vaughan accuses Indian players of not playing 5th test due to IPL 


As there are a lots of theories being passed for cancelling the 5th test , which has created a big controversy, former  England captain , the straight talking Michael Vaughan has mentioned that the Indian players were extremely worried that if they get covid positive  they might miss the IPL and hence they did not want to play the test .  

Vaughan has spoken to length on this 5th test controversy in his column in the . He did accuse England from backing out in South Africa under same circumstances but during that time vaccinations had not arrived . 

Michael Vaughan accuses Indian players of not playing 5th test due to IPL . Vaughan said that Indian players  should have trusted the PCR tests and played the game as people now know about this virus much better. With players being  double vaccinated and bubble can be formed quickly , the causes of worry is much lesser now than in the past .

Vaughan further said that India had 20 players in their contingent and hence they could have easily played with a second  XI like they did in Australia and won the series at Brisbane.  

Michael Vaughan accuses Indian players of not playing 5th test due to IPL 
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Vaughan’s column was published in the telegraph.  Some excerpts  : (courtesy

England do not have a leg to stand on because they left South Africa in similar circumstances in December. Yes there were no vaccines then and they were worried about the South African variant. But they left South Africa without playing three ODIs when there was an outbreak of covid at the team hotel. It left South African cricket in turmoil.This is not about boards or administrators. This is players making the calls. Administrators always want games to happen.

They have sold broadcast and commercial deals as well as thousands of tickets. But now they worry about the mental wellbeing of players and being held accountable further down the line if one of them has a breakdown and it is traced back to them.Once players decide they do not want to play there is not a lot they can do about it. Boards are in a precarious position.Let’s be honest, this is all about money and the IPL. The Test has been cancelled because players were petrified of catching covid and missing the IPL.

In a week or so we will be watching the IPL and the players will be running around smiling and happy. But they should have trusted the PCR tests. We know a lot about this virus now. We know how to manage and handle it better. Players are double vaccinated and biosecurity can be raised very quickly. I find it amazing India could not rustle up 11 players from the 20 man squad to play the match. If there were players who wanted to isolate and not play, fine. It is about individual choice. But India should have done everything they could to put XI players on the field . Even if it had meant picking a third string team. They won in Australia with a bunch of  reserves.


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