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Michael Holding expresses his dislike for T20 cricket & IPL

One of the greatest fast bowlers during his era and currently a highly respected cricket commentator, Michael Holding has never been a great follower of T20 cricket. He has many times in the past avoided speaking about T20 cricket and holds test cricket in the highest esteem. Michael Holding expresses his dislike for T20 cricket & IPL.

Once again in a recent interview, Holding was asked about revival of West Indies cricket with respect to winning T20 world cups. He clearly refused to consider a win in T20I cricket as a revival.

Holding said that he did not consider T20 cricket as cricket at all. Said that West Indies will never be able to improve in Test cricket due to T20.

Michael Holding expresses his dislike for T20 cricket & IPL
image credits the statesman , featured image credits aajtak

Holding said that T20 cricket is ideal for those countries which don’t get a chance to play test cricket. But West Indies are following the game as a result the players are taking to the lucrative format where they are earning 600000 to 800000 dollars in a week.

Blames the board rather than the players and said that the board gives lip service to test cricket. But more interested in filling their coffers with money from T20.

Holding was asked on why unlike other leading commentators. He does not do commentary in the IPL to which he replied ‘I only commentate on cricket.’


Thus it shows Michael Holding low opinion of T20 cricket. As a staunch follower of test cricket Holding is resigned to the fate of the West Indies in test cricket in which at one stage in the late 1970s and particularly in the full 1980s. The West Indies were virtually invincible with Holding himself one of the key members of their fearsome. Fast bowling quartlet during the 1980s.

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