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Md Asif calls Deepti Sharma “cheater” , trolled viciously by Indian fans

The case of Deepti Sharma doing Mankading in the match between India and England women’s team is constantly in the news.  Cricketers from different countries are giving their opinion on this matter.  However, whatever Deepti did, she did it within the rules, but in the name of sportsmanship, Deepti is being criticized.  Now Mohammad Asif of Pakistan has also called Deepti a cheater.  After this, Indian fans have fiercely trolled Asif .

 Asif shared a photo of Deepti doing Mankading and wrote, “We can clearly see that she has no intention of bowling. She is looking at the non-striker batsman to cheat her. This is very wrong.  And it’s scary work. Very bad sportsmanship.”

 In response, people made fun of Asif fiercely and taunted him a lot.  A user wrote that the cricketer who cheated his country for some money is now talking like an elite man.  You are completely fine.  At the same time, another user wrote that what Deepti did, she did it according to the rules of cricket.  The world knows that Pakistani players have always hurt the spirit of the game.

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 Another user took a jibe and wrote, “Yes, match-fixing is the real sporting spirit. Asif God give you strength.”  Another user wrote that where do you get the confidence to put a hashtag of cheating match-fixing.

 In the last match of the ODI series between India and England, Team India scored 169 runs while batting first.  In reply, England lost seven wickets for 65 runs.  Charlotte Dean and Amy Jones made a 38-run partnership to bring England back in the game .  Jones was also dismissed on the score of 103, but Dean remained on the wicket.  She put on a 35-run partnership with Freya Davis for the last wicket to take England closer to victory.  England needed 17 runs to win, but then Charlotte Dean backed up too far before Deepti could bowl and Deepti ran her out with a ball.

 With the fall of Dean’s wicket, England were reduced to 153 and lost the match by 16 runs, while England’s victory in this match looked almost certain, as both Dean and Freya Davis were in good shape.  And both had also put on a partnership of 35 runs.  After this run out, a lot of controversy started.  Many players called it against the spirit of the game and criticized Deepti.  At the same time, many players said that Deepti has not done anything wrong, what she has done is according to the rules.

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