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LIST OF Top 10 cricket academies in India 2021

Cricket, a popular worldwide sport, is less practised and more revered in our country. More than anything else, people are enthralled by this sport. For most of them, the prospect of raising another cricketing legend like Virat Kohli in their family is a pipe dream. And the great people’s cricket academies are more than happy to help them realise their ambition.

 So here is the list of the best cricket academies in our country:

1. Sehwag Cricket Academy

Former Indian cricketer “Virendra Sehwag” is the owner of the Sehwag cricket academy. This institution offers high-quality instruction to help players enhance their cricket abilities and methods. It was founded in the Haryana district of Jhajjar in 2011.They allow young people to showcase their abilities. In an academy, they also provide training programmes for various age groups. The major goal is to give world-class cricket training and facilities. When Virendra Sehwag has free time, he pays a visit to his academy.

2. Madan Lal Cricket Academy

New Delhi is home to the Madan Lal Cricket Academy. “Madan Lal” is the owner of Madan Lal Cricket Academy. He was a great cricketer who wishes to assist future cricket potential. They concentrate on a single player and conduct video analysis sessions in order to improve his abilities. Because it is one of the most popular academies in New Delhi, the academy’s strength is only 60 players. This academy’s major goal is to give high-quality coaching in a safe atmosphere

3. Karnataka Institute Of Cricket

The Karnataka Institute of Cricket is one of Bangalore’s premier cricket academies. It was founded in Bangalore in 1996 on the grounds of RBANM. The major goal is to keep players in shape by giving skilled physiotherapists and video sessions to help them enhance their talents.They also arrange for internal and international tours for players to better their abilities. Many players from the programme have represented India, including Manish Pandey, Mayank Agarwal, and Shreyas Iyer.

4. National School Of Cricket

Uttarakhand is home to the National Cricket School. Asian School and Abhimanyu Cricket Academy have partnered to form this academy. India’s infrastructure is similar to that of the rest of the world. Bowling machines, floodlights, stump cameras, grass cutters, and automated rollers are all available at this academy. Professional coaching is provided to players by professional co-workers.

5. Jaipur Cricket Academy

The Jaipur Cricket Academy is located in the Rajasthani city of Jaipur. It was founded by Shamsher Singh in the year 2010. This academy provides high-quality facilities and top-notch teaching to its players. The head coaches of the Jaipur cricket academy are Devendra Pal Singh and Mohammad Habib. The goal of the academy is to help young cricketers succeed. Individual camps, off-seasonal camps, and high-seasonal camps are all offered.

6. National Cricket Academy

The National Cricket Academy is located in Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy stadium. The BCCI, the governing body of Indian cricket, owns this academy. They offer a variety of bowling lanes, bowling machines, and other high-end amenities for improving and developing new talents. They encourage the academy’s youthful potential to play for India in the future. Every year, three lucky players are awarded an NCA scholarship to train in Australia. It was dubbed the “Border-Gavaskar scholarship.” Kapil Dev, Sunil Gavaskar, and Anil Kumble are just a few of the renowned players linked with the programme.

7. VB Cricket Academy

The VB Cricket Academy is based in Chennai, India. VB Chandrasekhar, a former Indian cricketer, founded it in 1997. Coaches concentrate on each and every area of the game. They teach new techniques and explain advanced cricket technique and talents. Every summer, they host summer training camps using cutting-edge coaching techniques. They also offer video sessions and bowling equipment to help students enhance their grades.

8. Vengsarkar Cricket Academy

In the year 1994, the Vengsarkar Cricket Academy was founded. It is one of India’s premier cricket academies. Former captain Dilip Mengsarkar is the owner of the Vengsarkar cricket academy. It has a good reputation among India’s other academies. It draws players from all across the country. They offer top-notch instruction and cutting-edge facilities. It has two locations in Maharashtra, one in Pune and the other in Mahul. This academy has produced a number of well-known cricketers, including Ramesh Powar, Yuvraj Singh, and Ajit Agarkar.

9. Cricket India Academy

Mumbai, Maharashtra is home to the Cricket India Academy. Sports Education Development India Limited owns it. This academy offers a variety of cricket programmes based on the idea of cricket coaching. They provide high-quality coaching sessions for players to improve their abilities and tactics. They get the opportunity to study from international cricketers at the academy. They have a fantastic opportunity to talk about the future in the field of cricket.

10. Neerja Modi Cricket Academy

Vinod Mathur, the former captain of Rajasthan’s Ranji squad, founded the Neerja Modi Cricket Academy in 2001. The Neerja Modi Cricket Academy is located in Jaipur, Rajasthan’s pink city. Vinod Mathur is a member of the BCCI’s technical committee at the moment. This academy has a professional coaching staff. Neerja Modi Cricket Academy’s head coach is Vinod Mathur. They provide sophisticated amenities for players to enjoy a world-class cricket experience. Infrastructure, facilities, and technology have all been improving day by day.


One of the best aspects of the academies described above is that they were founded by one of cricket’s greatest legends. As a result, they understand the fundamentals of child training. The infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies utilized here will polish each of the children’s abilities. Tournaments are held to improve players’ skills and to increase their competitive spirit All of these factors combine to make these academies the ideal place to develop a flawless player..

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