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Kohli vs Anderson is now no longer limited to their cricketing skills, on the 1st session of the 4th day they seemingly had a verbal duel which was not the most courteous exchange of words by any stretch of imagination.

As Kohli was batting in the 2nd innings , he must have heard something  James Anderson apparently said to him  but since Anderson was not near to the mike, his utterances could not be heard .

Kohli seemed to be incensed by Anderson’s utterances.  “You swearing at me again are you? This isn’t your fu***ng backyard,” Kohli could be heard saying on the stump mic to Anderson during the 17th over of the 4th day.

“Chirp chirp chirp. This is what old age makes you do,” Kohli could be again heard saying after Anderson bowled the fifth delivery of the over.

image credits inside sport, featured image credits india today

As the stump mike captured Kohli’ s utterances, it soon spread like wildfire and as usual, fans started reacting on the social media.

Kohli however did not last long having scored 20 before edging Sam Curran and was caught behind. 

With strong rearguard action by Rahane and Pujara , India just about hung in there and managed to keep their hopes alive on the last day which transformed into a sensational win for the tourists.
Some of the tweets below in response to Kohli Anderson sledge 

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