Kim Huges states that Steve Smith has not been in a great mental space during the India vs Australia series

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With all time low scores like 1,1*,0, 8 during the Indian-Australian test series, Steve Smith has not been able to pull up a great show. The audience saw him being dismissed twice during the first two games by R Ashwin and Jaspreet Bumrah. As we are moving towards the third Test (beginning from the January 7) this dicey performance of the star performer is a cause of great concern for the hosts.

After multiple speculations from all ends, a few spectators questioned Smith’s technique in opposition to the Indian bowlers but the former Australian skipper, Kim Hughes shared a different point of view. He shared that as Smith has been away from his family for quite some time and it is because of this reason that his performance is being affected. It has taken a toll on him mentally. 

Smith hasn’t met his wife since August, last year as he left for England to be a part of a white ball series. He was bound by the quarantine restrictions and also due to the ongoing cricket matches. Thus, he isn’t in a good mental space, staying away from his partner. Dani, Smith’s wife shared over her social media account that she was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne last week but sadly due to the COVID-19 restrictions, she was not allowed to spend Christmas Eve with Steve Smith. 

It is believed that once Steve reunites with his wife, he’d be able to bounce back. Huges also mentioned that the return of David Warner would make a great impact and would definitely turn things around for the Australian team. 

Post inflicting a humiliating loss in the opening Test at Adelaide, it was expected that Australia would definitely go for a kill during the Melbourne game. But unfortunately, this didn’t happen as it was India who called the shots and levelled the series 1-1. It was a surprise when the team declared it bat first. As the team was expected to let the opponents off the hook. 

Rahne’s presence as a leader was exactly the magic potion that India needed to overcome the wounds of the opening Test loss. Rained was seen taking control of the game both while batting as well as fielding. He seemed to have complete control of things and was also seen unflappable. Huges also mentioned that it is great to see that the Indian team has found someone who can rise to the role of captaincy effectively after Virat or even in his absence

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