Kieron Pollard is about to enter the elite club of 200 sixes

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Indian Premier League has begun and along it has brought cricket frenzy and unlimited fun. On the very first day, fans saw the defending champions, Mumbai Indians battling against Royal Challengers Bangalore. And the very first day has marked the beginning of new records too. Mumbai Indians batsman Kieron Pollard has come to the verge of becoming the sixth player to reach the 200 sixes mark in the history of the Indian Premier League. The season opener match started with a blast as the two most promising teams of the IPL faced each other for the win.

Pollard is a great batsman and that is no secret. He has already 198 sixes in his IPL career and this took his 164 matches. Two more sixes and he would be in the elite club where there is only 5 batsman and Pollard will be the sixth to join. 

The elite club of 5

The other 5 fantastic players who have already made it to the list are Chris Gayle and his tally stands at 349 sixes which is quite difficult to match. The second batsman is AB de Villiers with 235 sixes in the Indian Premier League. The third is former Indian captain MS Dhoni who has hit 216 sixes in the IPL and Dhoni is being followed by Rohit Sharma. Sharma ranks 4 with 213 sixes. Indian skipper Virat Kohli and also the captain of one of the most favorite teams of the IPL seems to be going strong with 201 sixes.

Other records that Pollard is about to make

Kieron Pollard is about to complete the mark of 200 sixes in IPL but this is not the only record that he is about to make. Pollard is only 4 fours away from completing his tally of 200. He is a fantastic batsman and it is a known fact but he is about to create a record in bowling too. He is 7 wickets away from completing 300 wickets across T20s. When he completes this tally, he will be the 4th allrounder with the double of 300+ wickets and 5000+ runs across T20s. Only three players would be standing before him which are Dwayne Bravo, Shakib Ali Hasan, and Andre Russell.

Pollard is about to complete 100 catches in IPL and is short of only 10 catches. He is also going to make some records within the team. After 22 fours he would be completing the tally for 250 fours for Mumbai Indians across the IPL. And only 25 fours will make him achieve the milestone of 700 fours in his T20 cricket.

Fans must be waiting for the cricketer to play well and make and break new records this IPL season. The way Pollard has begun the journey doesn’t seem to be tough.

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