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Kapil Dev has advised two of India’s top batsmen to practice bowling 

The legendary Kapil Dev, who won the 1983 World cup for India. As the captain by having several utility allrounders in his team, has advised the two current Indian batting greats in white-ball cricket. Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma to give some time to their bowling. 

Kapil cited the examples of Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly. Whose role was primarily as batsmen but they used their bowling skills excellently in white-ball cricket and even won matches for India. 

Kapil said that in T2O cricket a team ideally needs batting and a bowling allrounder. He added that if both the all-rounders get injured or go down. The team would require the services of those batsmen who can bowl to manage things. Therefore Kapil urged both Virat and Rohit to practice their bowling skills. Which they had used in earlier days of their career.

Kapil Dev has advised two of India's top batsmen to practice bowling 
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“If one gets injured, you can still adjust. But if both all-rounders get injure then it can be very tough to adjust. So I would say… I look forward to two all-rounders: a batting all-rounder and a bowling all-rounder. Sachin Tendulkar or Sourav Ganguly were all-rounders who could bowl a few overs but were mainly batsmen. Players like Virat, Rohit don’t bowl at all, so it’s difficult in T20. Everybody should try to bowl a few overs every day to keep the rhythm going.” Kapil Dev said. Kapil Dev has advised two of India’s top batsmen to practice bowling.


It may be mention that both Virat and Rohit used to bowl in their earlier years in internationals. Virat has even got Alistair Cook out once with his seamers in an ODI.   Rohit on the other hand has got an IPL hattrick in 2009 playing for his first franchise the Deccan Chargers…& the hattrick came vs Mumbai Indians .

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