Joe Root : Toss was crucial but that would not have guaranteed win

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England captain Joe Root accepted  that it’s a big lesson for his side to learn. He also asserted that the wicket was challenging but it cannot be blamed for England’s defeat

India decimated  England by 317 runs in the second Test on Tuesday. After the loss,  Joe Root admitted that it’s a big lesson for his side to learn. He also asserted that the wicket was challenging but it cannot be blamed for his team’s defeat.

Root further said the toss was crucial but that couldn’t have guaranteed a win in this game either.

“It’s a bit of an education. We’ve got to quickly learn from this because sometimes these are the conditions that you come up against,” Root said.

“It was a challenging wicket. The toss was an important one to win, but it wouldn’t guarantee a win either. India showed that you can score runs on it and found a way of managing the tricky surface. We have got to learn from that and take bits from India,” he added.

Root refused to believe that it’s the end of the road for England’s prospects in the ongoing series. He stated that his side will take inspiration from their past performances and will make sure that they return stronger.

“As I said after the last game it’s really important that we stay level. We don’t get too far above our station when we win and we don’t see it as doom and gloom when we have tough weeks like we have this time around.

“We’ve played some really good cricket over the recent past, in very foreign and challenging conditions, and we’ve been, let’s be honest, outplayed in all three departments this week,” said Root.

“We look at how they’ve gone about things on a surface that has spun a huge amount — probably bounced more than we anticipate as well but take that forward, take it as a learning and make sure that we’re better for it next time. Root stated.

Further, Joe Root suggested that his bowlers will have to be disciplined and make strike-rotation difficult for batsmen and English batsmen, on the other hand, should learn to rotate the strikes.

“One thing we could have done, especially on day 1 was to squeeze the game for longer. Try and ball 6 balls at one batsman and try to make it difficult to rotate strike, create pressure that way. I think this is the way forward for the rest of the tour. Can we find ways to ball maidens together, can we force errors with very disciplined bowling. That’s one thing they did a lot better than us and I also think out batters need to learn how well they rotated the strike, how they managed to bat at the other end at the more challenging surface,” Joe Root added

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