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 Jemimah Rodrigues enthrals the hundred with her off-field talents 

Jemimah Rodrigues has not only been the best cricketer from India in the inaugural hundred with her series of high scores. Dazzling batting, but she is also talking the event by storm with her off-field activities.

Last week she played the guitar in a duet with her teammate  Laura Woolvardt of South Africa which was shared in her tweeter feed. 

Then on one of her free days, she was a part of the sky sports commentary team doing commentary with the likes of Robbie Key & Mark Butcher. All successful former England internationals and on that same day, she had a music duet with Mark Butcher who himself is proficient with the guitar and music.

The video of the musical duet between Jemimah Rodrigues and Mark Butcher was shared by sky sports in their tweeter feed. It has spread like wildfire with fans enjoying the short musical bonanza. Jemimah Rodrigues enthrals the hundred with her off-field talents.

Jemimah Rodrigues enthrals the hundred with her off-field talents 
Image credits dnaindia, featured image credits skysports

Jemimah in replying to a few questions from Butcher before they went ahead with the music. Said that she is really enjoying the hundred event. Which after a barren phase in her career in the last few months. Will give her a lot of confidence to tackle team India’s challenges forward. She also said that she likes to carry her guitar with her and in fact never forgets it . 

After a brief conversation , both of them had their little music duet with Jemimah  singing a song from the famous hindi film  ” Dil Chahta Hai” .


The video footage of Jemimah Rodrigues duet with Mark Butcher is shared in below tweet. Leading to great excitement in the social media.

video credits skysports
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