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Inzamam in total awe of India’s cricket depth as 2 different Indian teams to go on 2 overseas tours simultaneously

Inzamam ul Haq, the Pakistani batting legend in the 1990s and 2000s, have been very vocal about India’s depth of talent in his youtube channel videos since India’s epic tour of Australia.

Talking about India’s current schedule, Inzy was overwhelmed to find that two different India squads will be undertaking two different tours. Simultaneously which shows the enormous depth in Indian cricket. Inzy added further that the Indian team ( supposedly their B team) going to Srilanka looks as strong as the main team that will undertake the England tour.

With worldwide restrictions on various fronts due to the covid pandemic. The travelling and quarantine bottlenecks attached India had no option but to send different teams to England and Srilanka simultaneously.

Inzamam in total awe of India's cricket depth as 2 different Indian teams to go on 2 overseas tours simultaneously.
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Inzamam said that India is currently doing with Australia did years ago during their golden run from 1995 to 2005-10. When they had a very strong Australia A side but they didn’t get permission to hold simultaneous tours that India is able to do now with their massive talent pool as a result of their great domestic structure and IPL.

” India at this time have so much strength that they are capable of doing this. ( 2 tours simultaneously) . Their pool of players is so huge that they are able to manage this. If you look at the players who would be travelling to Sri Lanka. It would appear as if this is India ‘s main team, such is their bench strength,” Inzamam said .

“India have improved their First-Class structure and then there is the IPL as well. That has helped assemble two different teams at the same time. India have prepared at least 50 guys who are ready to play for the national team.” Inzamam further added.

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