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The recent India v England test series had to be abruptly ended due to covid concerns in the Indian camp which finally resulted in cancellation of the 5th test at Manchester with India leading by 2-1 in the series . The final verdict of the series may well be decided by ICC.  Now let us look at the ratings of all the Indian players in this series .

Report Card of Indian players

Virat Kohli – 5/10 

Here Virat is rated for his batting 

Virat old problems of 2014 resurfaced again specially when he was up against Anderson & the the promising Ollie Robinson. His backfoot game was exposed . Clearly need to work on his technique for seaming conditions. He looked good in few innings later on but could not convert them into tons.  He scored 218 runs at 31 average in this series 

Rohit Sharma – 8.5/10 

Rohit was a revelation. He played superbly and probably the best Indian technically sound batsman on this tour. Proved to the world he can make 100s outside India in swinging conditions too. He made some subtle technical adjustments which served him in good stead. He played close to his body , played with soft hands and never reached for the ball ,playing its line . Could have converted his other starts to get 10/10 ratings . Overall fabulous series for Rohit as he scored 368 runs at 52 average 

KL Rahul – 8/10

Brilliant series for KL Rahul. Shown grit and determination at the top and proved to everyone that he can open in tough situations . His 100 at Lords was magical , could have converted his other starts too but overall good series for KL Rahul . Like his opening partner he too played with soft hands and close to his body . He scored 315 runs at 39 average 

C Pujara – 6.5/10 

Average series for Pujara , did make few contributions in later part of series but as an experienced batsman, we expect more consistency and hundreds from Pujara. He scored 227 runs at 32 average . 

A Rahane – 2/10 

Rahane has been the most disappointing batsman in this series . His technique looked out of sorts and he clearly looked out of form with no confidence . India expects their vice captain to be a strong pillar which he was not . Disappointing series overall with just 109 runs at 15 average.

Rishabh Pant: 5/10 

High expectations from Pant after Gabba heroics but he didn’t show same results. Only a couple of innings of note. Disappointing series for Pant from batting perspective but he kept brilliantly behind the stumps . Average of 21 in batting with 146 runs   

R Jadeja : 5/10 

Average series for Jadeja overall. Didn’t contribute much in batting and bowling both. He was playing at cost of Ashwin but didn’t do the best justice to his ability . Made few small contributions from bat and ball but overall not a good series for Jadeja . He scored 160 runs at 22 average and took 6 wickets at 45 average.

Md Shami – 7/10

Contributed from both bat and ball in series . No one can forget his contributions in Lords game but from bowling perspective – he could have done better job. Didn’t look menacing and struggled against quality batsman like Root .  11 wickets in the series at 27 average .

Indian performance ratings of England series 2021 in England
all images credits skysports

Jasprit Bumrah -8/10

Brilliant series for Bumrah from bowling and batting perspective . He has improved his batting a lot which helped India in putting a a couple of good totals. His spell of fast bowling in Oval was exemplary on a flat batting deck . 18 wickets in the series at 21 average . 

Ishant Sharma -6/10 

Ishant was good in one of test but clearly losing steam now. Didn’t look like a leader of attack , was rather playing role of 3rd seamer . Bowler with 100 tests should be leader of attack but he has lost his pace and fitness which affected his performance . Might well be coming to the end of his successful career.  Only 5 wickets in the series at 34 average 

Md Siraj – 6/10

Siraj was excellent in the Lords test but didn’t look menacing subsequently.  Lost his pace and looked pedestral. He needs to sustain the level of his bowling which he had achieved in Australia ,  to regularly feature in Indian test team .  14 wickets in the series at 30 average .

Umesh Yadav-7/10

Looked good in one of test he played. Bowled with good pace and troubled England line up. Need to work on his line though as bowled many freebies on leg stump.  He needs to be given more chances. Took 6 wickets in the only test he played 

Shardul Thakur -9/10 

Brilliant series for Thakur, he did whatever he was asked for. Batted like dream and given crucial wickets too. Proved himself as genuine all rounder , someone who can be banked upon. Very impressive with the bat specially . However he needs to control his run leaking tendencies at times . Scored 117 runs at 39 average and took 7 wickets at 22 average in the 2 tests he played.


Virat as captain: 8/10 

He was brilliant as skipper overall but not picking Ashwin in all 4 matches was not a great selection , however it did not prove costly  . 

Tactically on field he was good with bowling changes, fielding positions and keeping the team energy high thus gets 8/10.

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