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India, Pakistan , SA to play must win games for semis spot on final group2 matches

Tomorrow is the last day of the Super-12 stage in the T20 World Cup 2022.  Three Group B matches will be played on Sunday.  Along with this, both the semi-final teams will also be decided from this group.  New Zealand and England have reached the semi-finals from Group 1.  Five teams from the second group are still in the race for the semi-finals.  India and South Africa look the favourites .  However, Pakistan is also hoping that if Zimbabwe and the Netherlands do some miracle, the doors of semi-file will open for Pakistan.

 When the Indian team takes on Zimbabwe at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, they will aim to retain the top spot in the group with a win.  Captain Rohit Sharma’s team will not want to take Pakistan’s defeating Zimbabwe lightly.  Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav are running in excellent form.  KL Rahul has also indicated a comeback by scoring a half-century against Bangladesh.  At the same time, hitman Rohit Sharma, who has scored 74 runs in four matches, will have a chance to regain his momentum against Zimbabwe.  Rohit is playing good shots but apart from the match against Netherlands, he has not scored many runs in other matches.  India has won three out of four matches.  The Indian team would like to start well in the powerplay.

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 Zimbabwe may be a weak team but the match against them is very important for India.  On winning this, the Indian team will remain on top of the group as they reach the semi-finals.  With the Indian team on top, the second semi-final of the World Cup to be held in Adelaide on November 10 will be between India and England.  At the same time, the first semi-final will be held in Sydney on November 9 between New Zealand and the second placed team of Group 2.  South Africa has the strongest claim for this.

Bangladesh beat Pakistan.  Also, if India and South Africa also lose, then India and South Africa will still play in the semi-finals.

 Pakistan can play the semi-final only if it wins and either India or South Africa loses or South Africa’s match gets washed out due to rain.

 Bangladesh team is also in the race for the semi-finals.  It has four points.  If Bangladesh beat Pakistan and Netherlands win over South Africa or Zimbabwe beat India, Bangladesh will go straight to the last four with six points.  Even after South Africa’s match is washed out, Bangladesh will have a chance to play the semi-finals by defeating Pakistan.

 Zimbabwe’s team can also reach the semi-finals.  For this, they will have to beat India by a big margin.  Also, expect South Africa to lose to the Netherlands and the Bangladesh-Pakistan match to end in a draw.

The 3 matches: 
1st match: South Africa vs Netherlands In this match, South Africa’s team would like to secure their place in the semi-finals with a win.  South Africa will have to win this match at any cost to reach the semi-finals.  If they lose here or the match is cancelled, the South African team will be out of the semis.  At the same time, Pakistan and Bangladesh would like the African team to lose this match.

 Second match: Pakistan vs Bangladesh It is a do or die match for both the teams.  The doors to the semi-finals will be closed for the losing team.  At the same time, the winning team will depend on luck.  If South Africa wins their match then the team winning here will hope that Zimbabwe beat India.

 3rd match: India vs Zimbabwe This is the last match of the Super-12 round.  By winning this, the Indian team would like to reach the semi-finals by finishing on top of their group with eight points.  At the same time, the team winning the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh would like India to lose this match.

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